Technical Audit

Magento Technical Audit

The main purpose of our Magento Technical Audit is to uncover all possible issues and threats that negatively affect performance of your website, develop suggestions and provide a detailed implementation plan. The audit is conducted by certified Magento developers with more than 3 years of experience with Magento-based sites of all sizes and industries from around the globe.

How should you know that the Magento technical audit is exactly what you need? Just think if you’ve ever faced:
  • Low speed of front-end or back-end
  • Magento error messages
  • Crashes during traffic spikes
  • Redirect problems
  • Low interactivity
  • Product or category listing issues
  • Caching issues
  • Excessive maintenance costs
  • Troubles when adding new features
  • Indexing problems
  • Checkout problems

Areas Covered in Magento Technical Audit

  • Code and Database

    Code is reviewed and compared to the core code to make sure that nothing has been modified that shouldn’t have been. Front-end and back-end developers dive deeper into the code to ensure that the best practices are followed.

  • Speed and Performance

    We analyze the performance of website’s Homepage, Category Page, Product List Page, Product Page Shopping Cart Page and Checkout Page. This stage also includes the analysis of server configuration, cache configuration, URL rewrites, error logs and reindex process.

  • Third Party Extensions

    We analyze the code and implementation of third party extensions to make sure they work as intended to and don’t cause any performance issues.

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What You Receive With Our Technical Audit

  • Detailed Explanation of Findings and Suggestions

    Technical Audit report is mainly tailored for developers but we tend to provide as detailed explanation of all points as possible so that non-developers can understand it, too.

  • Top Priorities

    Technical audit is not another Top 5 list and can include tens and even hundreds of bullet point with issues and action points. That’s why we prioritize all issues so you can start fixing the most critical ones right away.

  • Detailed Roadmap

    Comprehensive explanation what and how needs to be done to get rid of all discovered issues and improve general website performance.