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How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy in Few Steps


Download eBook – How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy in Few Steps After downloading, you’ll find: SEO is a major driver of growth and customer acquisition for any eCommerce store. Read this step-by-step guide, and you will learn everything about the eCommerce website optimization. What is the anatomy of a perfectly optimized page The…
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Happy Birthday Maven!

maven hp

Our story of success was started 7 years ago when Maven’s founder Andrey Korolyov left the Magento company to start his own business with the small team of like-minded professionals. Since than Maven went a long but satisfying way from perspective newbies to market leaders. It became possible thanks to our biggest treasure… Our team….
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Win the Age of Mobile eCommerce with Progressive Web Applications

Develop web apps with Maven

Better e-commerce strategy with progressive web applications Why should you care about web apps? If you are the owner of a traditional e-commerce website and are thinking about building native iOS and/or Android app for your store, a web app could be a better alternative. New generation web apps (called Progressive Web Apps) are feature-packed…
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Internet World 2017, E-commerce Trade Fair, March 7-8 2017, Munich

Maven at Internet World 2017

Meet the Maven team at Internet World 2017 – Hall A6, Booth D226 INTERNET WORLD Trade Show takes place annually at Munich’s Trade Fair Centre. The leading e-commerce fair will present the latest trends, technologies, renowned experts and numerous highlights. The event will become a perfect platform for collecting top experiences from the C-level industry-minds,…
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Use Influencer Marketing to Generate and Track eCommerce Sales Like a Pro

influencer marketing from maven

A Beginner’s Guide We all live during the times when Twitter and Facebook users give rise to social movements with million followers within a few hours. Social media users influence which candidates become presidents. In the world of eCommerce, this way of creating and sharing ideas is called Influencer Marketing. Done right, influencer marketing can…
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7 Ways of Improving Your Magento 2 SEO Score

Magento_2 Seo Maven

Avoid these all-too-common Magento 2 mistakes to benefit from your SEO advantage over other e-commerce store platforms When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the Magento E-Commerce platform ranks as one of the top choices for a well-structured, logical online store architecture that search engines love. Okay, search engines can’t love, but Magento and…
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Top 5 Trends for eCommerce in 2017

ecommerce trends 2017 - Maven

Five of the most anticipated digital commerce developments for 2017 with analytics of predictions for 2016: what came to pass and which e-commerce forecasts turned out to be duds. Forecasting by definition is prone to errors, but paraphrasing a famous strategist, just as plans often turn out to be useless, planning is often essential –…
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