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Make a difference: 5 reasons to redesign your eCommerce store


Change is an essential part of our lives. Business sphere requires changes all the time. Sometimes they bring chaos into the smooth process of business management, but some changes always promise to generate profits. Redesigning your eCommerce store might be a quite challenging thing. It’s a large amount of work. Some startups are afraid to…
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The List of Your Customers Demands for 2018: sacrificing old methods to win their loyalty


Customers’ behavior changes almost every year. Some trends deserve attention and are worthwhile investing. I mean the trends which became the customers’ habits. And those so-called trends of 2018 have already become preferences and habits which have been forming for a considerable amount of time. They are worthy to be taken into account because a…
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How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy in Few Steps


Download eBook – How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy in Few Steps After downloading, you’ll find: SEO is a major driver of growth and customer acquisition for any eCommerce store. Read this step-by-step guide, and you will learn everything about the eCommerce website optimization. What is the anatomy of a perfectly optimized page The…
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How To Survive In The Era of Amazon


Modern ecommerce world dictates new conditions to small and medium business owners. The habits and preferences of customers change practically each day and the question that arises then: how contemporary entrepreneurs will manage to adapt to a digitalized world and what is most important…Will they be able to have a way with their customers? Generation…
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