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The 2017 Holiday Season: How to Get Your Magento eCommerce Store Ready

Magento for Holiday Season

November and December have always been the hottest and most profitable period for eCommerce retailers over last 10 years. It is reported that the online sales rate has been permanently increasing since 2005 with its peak in 2016 amounted to 63.1 billion U.S. dollars only on desktop spending. And sales and deals via mobile devices…
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Key Takeaways from WebSummit 2017

websummit 2017

Last week Maven eCommerce team attended the largest tech conference in the world – WebSummit. This year the conference gathered more than 60 000 people from all over the globe. It was a great chance to align ourselves with the latest trends in tech and web. We spent some time between different stages to collect…
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Top PIM Software to Harness eCommerce Platforms

PIM Lists

Product Information Management (PIM) is truly considered to be an indispensable component of any B2C or B2B eCommerce project. PIM software is mostly valued for its capability to keep track of real-time data about the overall range of company’s production and disseminate the processed information across various systems within your eCommerce platform. PIM is synchronized…
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The Most Anticipated Digital Marketing Trends 2018

Digital marketing trends 2018

Digital marketing has drastically evolved in recent years, since more and more cutting-edge technologies and eCommerce platforms emerge to contribute to your online business optimization. Nowadays we regularly come across brand new trends, innovative approaches and challenges. When applied to digital marketing methodology they enable companies to renovate their overall business strategy and improve performance….
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Progressive Enhancement vs Graceful Degradation

Progressive enhancement vs

The concepts of progressive enhancement and graceful degradation have been in the air for a while. However these terms are completely opposite, they are often used in conjunction. It’s not surprising as both pursue the same goal – to make web pages accessible to a variety of browsers and their versions. Before digging deeper into…
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Top 5 ERP Software to Complement Your Magento Store


Why eCommerce software integration is inevitable For the uninitiated, running an online shop may seem to be a no-brainer compared to a brick-and-mortar store. It holds true only for puny startups or for individuals selling their embroideries online. However, when it comes to bigger eCommerce projects, web store management turns into a nightmare. You must…
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The Best of 2017 Magento 2 Blog Extensions

Magento 2 Blog Extensions

Magento 2 has set a very high bar of eCommerce platform standard. Since it is an open-source solution, Magento 2 is more than just flexible and allows its users to utilize both out-of-the-box and third-party plug-ins to streamline their online business. By getting additional extensions installed and integrated with your eCommerce platform, you can easily…
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The Top 3 B2B eCommerce Trends That Will Shape 2018

Top Trends To Shape The Future of B2B eCommerce

A fast-evolving distribution landscape and the growth of B2B customer expectations nudge B2B companies into the digital transformation. According to the recent report, 76% of retail executives across Europe and the USA have already built a B2B e-commerce ecosystem and 39% of them reported the eCommerce site is their main sales channel. And the upcoming…
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Maven Grants a New Scholarship: How AR will transform eCommerce

maven scholarship

Maven eCommerce is happy to prolong its scholarship program to encourage all the talented youth. We have prepared a promising possibility for you to contribute to your future career. If you are an energetic person having a strong motivation – you are more than welcomed to participate. What is our challenge topic? We dare you…
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