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Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies (GJ Cookies) Has Been Sold

gjcookies sold

One of our clients, Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies (GJ Cookies), has sold its business on September 1st, 2016. Our mutual journey started back in 2014, when GJ Cookies decided to move away from Yahoo’s Bigcommerce platform due to complexity of website management process. Maven was recommended and introduced to GJ Cookies by one of our past clients…
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How to Create Magento Sitemap

magento sitemap

What is a Sitemap? As the name says, it’s a map of your website. Sitemap contains a list of all URLs your website has and Magento sitemap isn’t an exception. It helps search engines to find trails to all your pages and make sure your website is indexed and pages are crawled correctly. Sitemaps can…
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How to Create a Virtual Product in Magento

magento virtual product

This is our fifth tutorial on setting up and configuring different types of products in Magento. This time I would like to talk about virtual products. Certainly, most Magento stores sell primarily physical goods. But if you sell a service or a different kind of product that does not need to be shipped (lack of…
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Top 5 Things You Should Check to Find the Right Web Developer

Find the Right Web Developer

A website creation or redesign is always an important undertaking, which requires a lot of time and resources, both human and financial. At first you may feel lost looking at the range of companies out there. From day one the success of your investment will depend on the agency you choose and communication you build…
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16 Ways to Drive Your Developer Crazy

Drive your developer crazy

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw The customer is always right. We learn this saying very early on, and expect it work every single time. The problem is that we usually learn the phrase when we are on the customer’s side of the…
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