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How to convert typical customer behavior into sales?

motivation of the customer

Every year experts from different fields investigate consumer behavior. It’s quite obvious that all people can’t have a typical behavior. It depends on the type of the purchased goods and individual psychological characteristics. The regularity of purchases depends on how well you know different segments of your target audience and how exactly you use this…
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Neuromarketing in eCommerce: leave your customer no choice

neuromarketing in eCommerce

Does the word neuromarketing remind you of something? If not, you will be surprised. Wikipedia tells us that it’s a commercial marketing communication field that applies neuropsychology to marketing research, studying consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and effective response to marketing stimuli. Simply speaking, it’s a combination of marketing and neuroscience. Marketers, entrepreneurs, big brands in eCommerce…
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5 reasons to implement email marketing automation for your online store

marketing automation

Let me ask you something…If you knew how to save your time, money and to increase sales, would you share this secret with someone else? Just imagine, 10 years ago marketing automation was a commercial confidentiality. The well known commercial giants like Walmart, Amazon, and Costco had resources for large-scale investigations and developments to build…
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