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5 reasons to implement marketing automation for your online store

marketing automation

Let me ask you something…If you knew how to save your time, money and to increase sales, would you share this secret with someone else? Just imagine, 10 years ago marketing automation was a commercial confidentiality. The well known commercial giants like Walmart, Amazon, and Costco had resources for large-scale investigations and developments to build…
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Micro UX for your eCommerce store: offering a unique experience for the customer.

micro UX for eCommerce

The first thing to remember about micro UX: it’s a strategy intended to boost your eCommerce conversion rates. Along with that, it emphasizes your brand’s uniqueness, strengthens the credibility of your eCommerce store, reduces bounce rates and attracts the customer to make purchases in your store again and again. There are even more benefits in…
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Tons of traffic but no sales. What’s the catch?


Every online store owner sooner or later faces a dilemma: “I get from 40 to 80 visitors per day, but I can’t capture a sale” or “I have launched a new website, did some FB ads, got 2200 page likes, 1600 site views, but no sales”. A very sad situation which requires thorough analysis, especially…
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The List of Your Customers Demands for 2018: sacrificing old methods to win their loyalty


Customers’ behavior changes almost every year. Some trends deserve attention and are worthwhile investing. I mean the trends which became the customers’ habits. And those so-called trends of 2018 have already become preferences and habits which have been forming for a considerable amount of time. They are worthy to be taken into account because a…
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How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy in Few Steps


Download eBook – How to Build a Winning SEO Strategy in Few Steps After downloading, you’ll find: SEO is a major driver of growth and customer acquisition for any eCommerce store. Read this step-by-step guide, and you will learn everything about the eCommerce website optimization. What is the anatomy of a perfectly optimized page The…
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