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How to Fix the Most Common Magento Issues

Common Magento Issues

Magento is a powerful platform but like pretty much everything in the Universe, it has some narrow spots you may face during the acquaintance with this platform. We’ve collected the most common Magento issues and their solutions to make your life easier. 1. How to set up Magento website on a new domain 2. How…
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Maven scholarship program – The Future of The Web

Scholarship program - Mavenecommerce

In 2016, Maven eCommerce launched the scholarship program – The Future of The Web. The program was made for supporting students with interest in tech, digital marketing and business. This year we gathered the best works from the South Africa,Spain,France,India, Brazil and USA. Winner was selected based on creative thinking and ability to analyze and…
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eCommerce Integration Stages: What and When

eCommerce Integration Stages

Ecommerce isn’t a rocket science? Nowadays it might be somewhere similar. To create and launch your own spaceship, you need to gather, build and set up various components, any part of which should be a perfect detail in the mechanism. Order and Inventory Management, CRM, Marketing, Shopping Cart Technology, Shipping and much more parts need…
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Key Takeaways from #CollisionConf 2017 by Maven team

Collision 2017 Maven

We have just came back from the Collision and we were happy to become a part of the Fast Growing Tech Conference with the best networking and inspiring talks. Collision Conference took place in New Orleans on the beginning of May and brought together more than 20K attendees from over 119 countries. For three days…
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How To Make Customer Satisfaction Work For You?


Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is the marketing term, which measures how a product or a service meets customer’s expectations. CSAT became one of the most popular terms among marketers and they do believe this is a very important and precise indicator. The idea seems obvious: a satisfied customer is a loyal customer, isn’t it? But in…
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