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The Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM), one of the world's best-known airline companies, chose us as their Magento webstore software development partner.

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about KLM Shop

KLM Airlines wanted to expand its in-flight store to the web, offering products sold on its flights to customers worldwide. This would expand the company’s offering to customers shopping pre-flight for home delivery and delivery for their flight.

This is how Shop@KLM, an online store offering products for purchase using many currencies and airline rewards miles, was born.

the goal

the challenge

KLM decided to make its in-flight store, Shop@KLM, available worldwide and to offer product shipping to customers’ home addresses. That’s much easier said than done, considering all the supplier rules, the number of currencies, country tax regulations, loyalty program membership levels and logistics for pre-purchases and delivery to the specified flight, to name a few.

Moreover, the store had to fit the existing KLM website and have minimal impact on its performance. Maven offered to transition the legacy store that had inherited of limitations, to a more flexible Magento platform.


our solution

The solution was an elegant and easy-to-use front-end, with an interface optimized for most desktop and mobile browsers, connected to the system back-end responsible for managing the complex logic. Maven developed a custom Magento theme from a PSD file provided by the design agency. We developed a number of intuitive product category filters and custom components allowing easy featured product management for the content managers.

On the back end, we also developed custom product upload features for easy store migration from the previous platform. Interfaces connecting with airline loyalty programs (and special price rules for customers of different levels) were implemented, as well as unique packing slips that worked with the existing logistics system and with the flight reservation system.

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Back-end Functionality

  • Shop migration to Magento
  • Flight reservation system integration
  • Complex delivery rules for products
  • Magento integration with the airline loyalty system
  • Strict admin user restrictions
  • Special PDF packing slips
  • Special reports
  • Customized checkout flow

Our extensions

  • Multiple filters
  • ExIm

Front-end Functionality

  • Magento full theme development from PSD file
  • Custom components for widgets (banners, featured, etc)
  • Custom layered navigation with sliders
  • Quick view feature


the result

The new version of Shop@KLM built on the Magento platform was a hit, and it succeeded in integrating a large number of systems (therefore, more rules) into a redesigned website.

This complex store is very user-friendly and easy to use. Also, even though the website platform was not designed as responsive, it provides a great user interface on both desktop PCs and mobile devices.

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happy clients


Arie Timmer

Design & Marketing Director at Babypark

With Maven we cooperate a few years already. They are fully engaged in the technical support of our online store. And we are completely satisfied with the quality of work, terms, and quality of service. Thanks to a dedicated account manager! We have a feeling that we have our own onboard technical team, not the remote one.

why our clients choose us

Freeman Lewin

CEO at GJ Cookies

The team at Maven has been incredibly responsive to our needs. We requested several unique cart features and they executed everything perfectly. The project manager was dedicated and responded to all our needs immediately. We look forward to working with Maven on a continuous basis and on future projects.

why our clients choose us

Inder Brar

Director at Printkick Ltd

It is only on very rare occasions that an individual comes along that leaves a lasting impression with their dedication and work ethic. I have to say that Sergey is one such person. Sergey’s dedication to the project has been faultless and he has worked with outstanding professionalism throughout.

why our clients choose us

Aman Brar

Product Manager at Printkick Ltd

When we looked at Maven as part of our selection process and had our first meeting, it was clear that you were the best fit for our company. We looked for people who cared about the project, the mission and had the technical skills to bring it all together. You made us confident we could do it. At times during the project, I was worried. Had we attempted too much in one go? Everything seemed even more complicated than when we had our meeting a year ago in Kiev. Lots of things started breaking. Thankfully, each time we hit this point, it only took a few calls to get back on track and under control. Honesty, compromise, and pragmatism are some of the key factors I have found in completing successful projects, and we made the right choice because these are your values too.

why our clients choose us

Salman Siddiqui

Chief Operating Officer at BuyerQuest

Andrew is a solid technical leader who consistently impresses us with his technical prowess and in ensuring that his team also builds to the same high standard. He is driven, understands the business problems he is trying to solve for and is willing to go the distance to get the job done! Thanks, Andrew.

why our clients choose us

Alex Deutch

Glass Tile Oassis

I wanted to let you know that I have never experienced such great professional service from other developers like I did from your company. Especially Sergey, he has been so patient with me from beginning to end, I’m truly thankful for being your client.

why our clients choose us

Aviva Weiss

CEO at Fun&Function

Working with Maven has been a great experience. They are deeply knowledgeable, reliable and get things done on time. I know the job is going to get done very well when Maven is involved. We have been beyond satisfied and highly recommend their services!

why our clients choose us

We Work with Amazing brands

our clients

Since 2010 we have helped 100+ customers, from startups and small businesses to bring their most cherished business ideas to life.

At the core of Maven are the developers with 15+ years in IT, who follow the latest digital trends and all the time improve their knowledge to deliver high-quality solutions to clients.

We know how to design an effective business tool, as our key engineers were a part of the Magento Core platform team. But our technical expertise is much broader. We can build any kind of a system on the background of your business logic and your personal preferences.

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