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Symfony Development

Symfony being the leading open-source framework coded in PHP, which by itself is the most popular coding language out there with 80% of websites globally created with it, is the poison of choice for many of our clients when it comes to creating complex and large scale web application systems.

The MVC (Model-View-controller) paradigm on which Symfony is based accelerates the creation and support of web applications and helps avoid repetitive coding tasks, making the framework a sharp contemporary tool to resolve problems and create solutions for the business.

Maven for years has been challenging the skills of its Symfony development professionals to create unique tailored solutions that help you achieve your business objectives.

The combination of seasoned professionals (front-end and back-end developers, project managers, designers, admins, SEO specialists) and cutting-edge technologies we specialize in (Symfony2, NoSQL, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Sphinx, jQuery, Node.JS, Zend, JavaScript, HTML5 and many other) guarantees that your business needs will be served with great knowledge, thoroughness and attention.

Why use Symfony2?

  • Speed

    With Symfony2 you get to solve problems of complexity and scale very quickly.

  • Security

    This framework provides advanced algorithms to protect data and ensure security.

  • Caching System

    High-grade caching layer facilitates achievement of the best results in web development.

  • Data Storage Opportunities

    Doctrine2 ORM (component Symfony2) uses Object-relational mapping, which allows you to store and retrieve objects from a convenient database.

  • The Community

    Problem solving is expedited thanks to the huge community of developers, testers, integrators and other specialists working on its development and improvement.

  • Contemporary and Evolving

    The developer of Symfony, SensioLabs created a modern framework to comply with the demands of present-day and sophisticated, open-minded developers.

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These days eCommerce is the trend setter in retail universe, and provides yet more business opportunities. As good as your business model is, the market expects your website to be beautiful and provide flawless user experience. The advanced technologies like Symfony2 were created to serve exactly these purposes. All you have to do is find the best professionals to use these tools to your benefit:

  • Maven web development team is passionate about in-depth knowledge of its core frameworks and has artfully mastered Symfony2, as well as many other technologies.

  • Symfony2 is widely and successfully used by global companies including Yahoo !, TED, Dailymotion, BlaBlaCar, Photobucket, eZ Publish, phpBB, Drupal etc.

The Tasks We Solve:

  • Creating complex and functional web-based products
  • Creating high-performance large-capacity systems