Magento Optimization

Magento Speed and Performance Optimization

Every website is expected to work like a Swiss watch. But in reality it’s not easy to achieve and if your website is slow, the chances to make a sale are relatively low.

Magento is a heavy and resource-intensive platform and simply purchasing expensive hosting or VPS won’t guarantee high speed and performance. To achieve top-notch performance, additional optimization is required and that’s exactly what we offer.

Our Magento Optimization service includes:

  • Code Optimization

    Code amount and quality drastically influences overall performance. In order to ensure the qualitative code we remove unused or unnecessary code processes, optimize JavaScript and CSS files, identify and fix all bottlenecks that cause the entire process to slow down or stop in both front-end and back-end.

  • Speed Optimization

    Magento speed optimization process includes leveraging Magento caching, compressing images, database optimization, disablement of unnecessary Magento modules and much more.

  • Server Optimization

    No matter what server you use, it won’t work in full capacity without additional configuration. Maven tweaks servers to correspond to best practices in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

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Benefits of Proper Magento Optimization

  • Better User Experience

    Obviously, optimization, if done the right way, leads to higher loading speed. Considering that 47% of consumers expect the webpage load in 2 seconds or less, better speed leads to better user experience.

  • Higher Conversion Rates

    Do you know that every second of page loading delay costs you a 7% reduction in conversion? In today’s fast-moving world users value their time and abandon slow websites. That’s why loading speed influences conversion rates so much.

  • Better SEO

    Because search engines tend to provide the best experience to its users, website’s speed became one of the most important factors of search engine optimization. To pretend for high search engine rankings, website’s speed must at least be equal to industry average.