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Custom Magento Extension Development

All websites are unique, as every business requires suitable functionality. And while Magento is such a flexible platform offering excessive functionality and a huge number of ready-for-use extensions, there is really no “one size fits all”. To ensure that your business needs are covered, you may need to have tailored solutions developed. This is why we created our Custom Magento Extension Development service.

  • Integrate and Configure

    Even when there is an extension that could suit your business needs, installing and configuring it will not be a matter for amateurs. If configured incorrectly, the extension may cause errors or will get your website to slow down. Maven is proficient at Magento extension setup and configuration.

  • Extension Customization

    Sometimes it happens that available extensions offer only a portion of features you need. Maven developers know how to finalize extensions so they perfectly fit your unique needs and requirements.

  • Build from Scratch

    If you need something totally new and unique, Maven can develop Magento extensions from scratch. Those may include enticing layouts, special control features, unique shipment options, easy navigation, check-out alternatives, multi-lingual and multi-currency support and more.

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Why Choose Our Magento Extension Development Service?

  • Experienced Developers

    At the core of our development team are the people who created Magento. This knowledge of all the ins and outs of this platform enables our creating extensions of superb quality and unique functionality. We have developed extensions for accounting, shipping, checkout process, data import and advanced product data management.

  • Flexibility

    Being a tight-knit team of developers with strong Agile methodology believers, we work to ensure that our Magento extensions are optimized for future enhancements and adjustments, as your business evolves and brings new challenges.

  • Focus on Quality

    Magento extensions vary in quality and support. Maven aims to develop top-quality extensions by using standardization and consistent coding. This approach has guaranteed that our extensions meet top industry standards and ensure benefits for our clients in the years to come.