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Only certified experts are able to optimize your online store at the professional level. An effective consulting should result in increased sales, excited customers, and higher profitability rates. This type of service was developed for all those data-driven decision makers who do not wish to fall behind in terms of competition. This service is for all those who desire to learn how to create competitive advantages for their Ecommerce projects. We assist in all areas of our clients’ online businesses.

As the result, they receive a strong brand image and long lasting improvements. Marketing consultants from our team are here to clarify your business goals, strengthen brand name, optimize pricing strategy, and create new sales and distribution channels. Technical consultation is focused on the step-by-step analysis and series of diagnostic sub-tests, to eliminate irritating bugs, incompatibilities and misconfigurations to recover your store.

Our Magento consulting experts have helped many businesses get online and prosper, so we can help you as well!

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It is time to expand your Ecommerce marketplace through appropriate management of listings, strategical repricing, feeds with frequently updated content, and well-organized product information which all customers really need.


GA maintenance

Magento consulting is hard to imagine without advanced configuration and maintenance of Google Analytics. This extremely effective service makes it possible to evaluate the ROI, track Flash and video advertising, and distribute the content. Moreover, it is beneficial for both desktop and mobile devices. That is why professional consulting relies on Google Analytics to provide clients with accurate reports.

Social Commerce

SMM significantly increases website’s customer engagement which, in return, stimulates the sales to grow. To assist your business with this issue, we design and install Facebook and Twitter accounts (and go on searching for more channels), develop a social engagement strategy, provide insights, set analytics, and monitor the integration with Google Analytics.

Competition Evaluation

Based on various marketing techniques, our experts help our clients to define the advantages and disadvantages of their current online stores. We will analyze all historical data available to come up with a list of opportunities for your business. By predicting the opportunities, we will share how to position your product category in the most beneficial way.


We apply only pure and legal SEO techniques. Our clients receive suggestions that explain how to earn a natural link. An on-site SEO reduces bounce rates and increases time on site. Plus, our SEO experts are here to take care of all bugs, redirecting, and mobile optimization.

Data Feed Marketing

Interested in optimizing current data feed? It is essential for pulling a good return on ad spend (ROAS). Our specialists can do it for you to reach lower sale costs and raised conversion. CSE channels review, customer/competitor reviews, and optimization plan are included.

Split testing

This is a method of marketing research targeted to find out which changes influence target indicator the best. We design and implement split tests with the help of efficient software called Visual Website Optimizer. It is done to test both our and client’s ideas to come up with changes.

E-mail Marketing

This tool is necessary to cut costs, increase overall productivity and drive up profitability. To provide our clients with the tailored e-mail content, we observe purchase history and customer preferences. By analyzing your business sales model and customer base, our team constructs a dynamic strategy for automating key streams in your email marketing. With our help, you get better customer’s personalization along with better segmentation. Our marketing professionals are ready to help you with the essential task of email marketing automation.

Historical Analysis

Progressive business growth is impossible without proper business performance evaluation. That’s where historical analysis comes into action. We analyze your historical data to find out which marketing channels worked and which didn’t. Historical analysis allows to point out past mistakes and to build efficient marketing strategy. Not only we analyze your business performance but your competitors as well. After comparing all data available we present the best working selling techniques for your particular website.

PPC for Your Ecommerce

Our clients can be sure they will get top-quality landing page audit/testing, CTR analysis, analytics performance report, use of ad extensions, and more services to achieve a range of different goals. Anyway, we do our best to help you define and reach your PPC goals with proven Ecommerce principles in mind. We provide Google AdWords contextual advertising service, display advertising, remarketing and product listing ads to increase site’s attendance and sales. Our certified professionals provide the highest quality service.


How should you know if technical consulting is exactly what your online store needs? Well, here are some good reasons to think about it:Malfunction of upgrades, Traffic spikes lead to website crashing, Low interactivity, High maintenance costs, Risky upgrades


Magento Health Check

Basically, this audit is designed to cost-effectively minimize downtime. Besides, it includes improved speed tweaks, Magento core review, module review, and settings review along with all relevant corrections. Regular health check-ups reduce downtime significantly.

Architectural Advisory

This service is aimed to ensure your project starts with the most accurate plan based on its goals. Our Magento certified team strives to achieve optimal coding standards, performance, and upgradability from the very beginning of your project.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Sometimes, with the development or update of features, certain difficulties with user experience appear. Quality assurance aims to eliminate those problems. Our team of professionals will test your website far and wide to find all possible issues

Extension Consulting

One of the basic goals of good Magento extension is to make your site user-friendly through increased functionality. This service is created to assist you in selecting and installing the most suitable extensions based on your business goals to reach a flexible solution. Let us select the most appropriate Extensions, Themes, Templates, and Add-ons for your online Magento business.


A detailed report is sent monthly to you, so there is no need to worry: every client can follow all proposals and changes done by our specialists. In addition, you will receive all of the latest news on your project and suggested data-driven conclusions. Of course, every client is informed of the results obtained during the month. For instance, you will be pleased to discover the increased revenue.

Performance Audit

The ways to ensure your perfect performance are through server environment checking, Magento settings checking, Magento code optimization, frontend optimization, Magento profiling, and database performance. Poor website performance costs you more than bad marketing. Improve your website’s performance today and save your money.

Is There a Need for Switching Current Development Team?

Not at all. You can hire our Magento ecommerce consulting team with saving your current development team. But our efficiency will go up significantly when provided with the direct contacts of your preferred developers.

What about Ecommerce Optimization?

If you are interested in professional Magento Ecommerce consulting service, we are waiting for your project. Every client can be sure: our rich experience is reflected by years of working with Magento to create feature full and competitive ecommerce websites.


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