Magento security patches

Magento, as any other open-source platform, releases security patches
Make sure you have installed all patches
so your website is safe and secured
€ 120 per year
Why security patches are important?

Since Magento is a very popular platforms and runs thousands of medium and big online stores, it often becomes a subject of hackers attacks. Any leaks can be exploited and lead to significant financial losses. Moreover, hackers may steal and use customers personal data.

During the first few weeks after a new patch release, there is a notable growth in number of hacker attacks and abuses of stores that haven’t installed the patch. If you’ve become a victim of such an attack, the only thing we can do is to backup your store to pre-abuse state.

To protect our clients from such outcome, we invest a lot of time and efforts in monitoring the latest Magento security trends and updating security patches almost instantly after the release.

Overview OF Magento patches
patch vulnerable versions Release date
SUPEE-1533 Magento CE t / m Magento EE t / m October 3, 2014
SUPEE-5344 Magento CE t / m Magento EE t / m February 9, 2015
SUPEE-5994 Magento CE t / m CE t / m May 14, 2015
SUPEE-6285 Magento CE t / m Magento EE t / m July 7, 2015
SUPEE-6482 Magento CE t / m, EE t / m August 4, 2015
SUPEE-6788 Magento CE t / m, EE t / m October 27, 2015
SUPEE-7405 Magento CE t / m, EE t / m January 20, 2016
SUPEE-8788 Magento CE t / m, EE t / m October 11, 2016
Magento patch subscription

Magento Patch Installation Subscription - €120 per year

We provide installation of all Magento security patches

Fixed Price

You pay a fixed price per year regardless of the number of patches to be released. So you don’t need to worry about any security risks.

Support package special offer

If you subscribe for our Security Patches Installation service, you can purchase Emergency Support Package at a special price: €400 for 10 hours of support. Hours can be used within 12 months of purchase.

Hand on a pulse

Despite the fact that we constantly monitor security updates and install new patches right after they are released, it’s important for us to keep you up-to-date. We inform you each time a new patch is released so you know that the installation process is in progress and you have nothing to worry about.

What is included?

We install patches only on the live environment. Of course, we conduct extensive testing prior to installation, but we don’t install patches on staging server by default. If patches disappear after Magento upgrade, let us know and we’ll reinstall them right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions regarding security patches and our services so we gathered the most common ones here. If you have a question that is not on this list, please contact us.

  • Should I install the patch?

    We advise to install all the security patches immediately. Otherwise, your Magento store is at risk of being hacked and exploited by third parties.

  • Should I install all the patches?

    Magento security patches are not interchangeable. So you will need to install all of them to ensure that your shop doesn’t have security holes and vulnerabilities. The most recent patches are SUPEE-8788 and SUPEE-7405.

  • Isn’t it better to upgrade Magento?

    Yes, upgrading to a new Magento version is the best way to ensure that your store works properly. However, upgrading process is more sophisticated and can’t be done quickly and easily. In case you decide to upgrade each time a new Magento version is released, it would cost you a pretty penny. Installing security patches is a money saving way to keep your store safe and secured without the need to upgrade to higher Magento version.

  • My Magento version isn’t listed

    In some cases patches may not be installed on specific Magento version. Usually it means that your website is outdated. If this is the case we recommend to update your Magento version. If you need assistance or have a question regarding Magento upgrade, please contact us.

  • I get an error when installing a patch

    There are several reasons why you might be getting an error during installation process. Very often the error is caused by changes in Magento core code (which shouldn’t be modified in the majority of cases). We can analyze your website in order to find out if the specific patch can be applied.

  • How do I revert a Magento Patch?

    To revert Magento patch do the following:

    1) Go to your Magento installation directory

    2) nter the following command: sh -R

  • Do the patches remain if I upgrade Magento?

    No. If you upgrade your Magento version all the patches will be lost. So make sure that you are upgrading to a version which includes these patches by default.

  • Should I install a patch on my staging environment (server)?

    Yes, we recommend to patch staging environment as well. Security patches will be lost in case your staging isn’t patched and you apply staging to live environment.

  • Do you provide installation support?

    We do not support the installation that you perform yourself. There are many things that we need to control ourselves in order to ensure that the patch is installed correctly.

  • I’ve installed the patch but I get a message in Magento back-end asking to apply a security patch

    Magento notifies all users about newly released patches, regardless if you’ve already installed the patch or not. So you may receive this message even if the patch has been already installed

  • Will Magento release more patches

    As Magento is an open-source platform and the code is publicly available, there will always be hackers trying to find leaks. We can’t predict when new patches will be released but we are certain that there will be more patches in the following years.