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We are thrilled to announce that Maven is growing up, and we are starting a new area of business. It’s not something that appeared from nowhere or popped up unexpectedly. It’s something that we were preparing for a few years now. But let’s begin with a retrospective.

Maven was founded 11 years ago, and throughout this decade, we have come a long way to become the solution partner of choice for many companies. The journey from 2010 to 2021 was full of constant adaptations, transformations, and overall changes.

As a business, we learned how to make a profit, scale, and stay relevant on the market. As a team, we grew up from 2 to 40+ members, became close friends, and polished our processes so they shine like glass. As experts, we maximized our tech and business expertise, expanded the technology stack, and went beyond by making non-eCommerce requests a successful and regular business.

At some point, we realized that Maven has become bigger than just an eCommerce development agency. Non-eCommerce requests started to become a valuable part of the business, and we took it as a sign. So, we started to work on it, and here we are now.

Maven is launching Maven Solutions. Maven Solutions is a new area of Maven’s business that offers full cycle product development services for medium and large businesses in different industries around the world. Maven Solutions is a combination of everything we learned, experienced, and expert within the last decade.

We are not shouting down the Maven Ecommerce or the eCommerce area itself. Maven Solutions and Maven eCommerce will go in parallel directions to make our clients receive a maximum value in each specific case.

Maven Solutions has a completely new website and visual language. Go and check it out now. As of today, we launched an early version of the website, so more info about our clients, services, and case studies will be released soon.


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