Tips for Understanding Magento Now and Going into Next Year

Many people ask if Magento is SEO friendly? The answer to this question, even though Magento doesn’t have a direct impact on the external SEO, is a resounding: yes. As long as you have a reliable programmer, there is no limit to what Magento can help you achieve. Magento is SEO friendly but you will have to optimize your site a bit so that it will work for you.

Magento Architecture


Before we look deeper into Magento SEO, let us first of all look at how to build a Magento site. Two parts are involved in developing Magento sites. They include learning the Magento platform and development.

    • Magento tutorial overview — This is the first part in Magento introduction, installation, naming, and configuration. Magento tutorial overview provides users with the basics of Magento. This part suits beginners well since it prepares them for the next part.
  • Module development — It has 27 lessons and its major focus is on the many essential topics involved in Magento. They include modules, grids, formats, menus, templates and layouts, events, emails, JavaScript etc.

Magento 1 vs Magento 2


There is a newer version of Magento known as Magento 2. Before optimizing your store for SEO, it is crucial to know which Magento version you are running on. Magento 2 has superior features which offers users several advantages which will benefit your Magento store ranking in search engines.

Magento 2 SEO Features


There are several SEO Features with Magento 2, which include:

  • The ability to edit robots files located in the backend.
  • Tuning XML sitemaps for all page types.
  • Canonical tags for layered navigation.
  • Image labels for SEO.
  • Rich Snippets.
  • template.
  • Analytics and e-commerce tracking.

Magento has caught the eyes of many e-commerce merchants making it among the most powerful solutions for shopping carts. It allows you to build a unique high-end shopping website. Below are some of the top benefits of using Magento.

Top Benefits of Using Magento

  A flexible content management system.  

There is no doubt that Magento is among the best e-commerce solutions. It is highly flexible and works for all stores which wanted to sell millions of products. It does not matter what size your website is, building your Magento size is easy and simple. Magento comes in handy during the festive seasons when sales shoot upwards. It easily handles spikes created by many buyers. Make sure you have invested in the flexible Magento platform to help boost profits and sales in your online store.



The architecture of Magento is extremely powerful to meet the needs of various website owners. It is a platform designed to customize and scale as per the website owners’ needs. Magento avoids common mistakes or problems that developers used to face before. Magento has helped take care of the issues that seem to arise when developing websites.

Extensible and Open Source


We have already mentioned that Magento is an open source platform, and with this, you can access the platform free of charge. The small-sized and medium-sized businesses can also opt for this platform to avoid paying for licenses due to it being an open source platform.

All you have to do is simply download and install Magento on your web host. You do not need to any license fees to access the platform. The platform has many features which help make your life a lot easier. You can use Magento to easily manage your inventory and check stock.

This platform can also help you in making your website user-friendly for mobile users which might not be as accessible with other platforms out there.

A Variety of Features


One thing that I love about Magento is its wide range of features which are presented in an organized manner.

This makes it possible for online merchants to sell tickets online for events and holidays, sell digital products or sell physical goods. The platform can be used to manage music stores concurrently. This can be achieved without using extensions.

In addition, the platform also has some very great features such as email lists, wish lists, mall features, and multi stores among other features.

Mobile-Friendly Configuration


Nowadays people have become so accustomed to buying stuff using their smartphones. For this reason, online merchants must choose platforms that have a mobile-friendly configuration. Since Magento is mobile friendly, it becomes a must-have platform for online merchants.

Magento is a shopping cart solution developed respectively. This makes it seamless viewable on mobile devices. Using the Magento platform, you can reach websites that can be easily accessed on mobile devices.



Perhaps the biggest benefit of Magento is its ability to access many extensions which can be integrated easily to meet business requirements. Since every merchant has its own unique requirement, it will be easy for the merchants to expand their websites. This can be achieved by the use of different extensions in Magento.

Additionally, Magento extensions can be obtained for different requirements. Thus merchants can get help from Magento developers and communities to get their desired extensions.

Magento is extremely helpful for people who are looking forward to getting extensions for CRM integrations.

Advanced SEO


This is an advanced platform built with SEO capabilities so that the users of Magento do not experience problems. You can use the advanced features of Magento to give your products a better ranking on popular search engines, like, Yahoo or Google.

You can use Magento to boost your site’s ranking. This will be helpful in increasing the number of visitors to your website. It’s crucial to optimize SEO to enhance your business results.

Simple and Effective Administration


Advanced programming skills are required during optimization. However, using the Magento platform is extremely easy to use once everything is setup. You will be bombarded with a lot of information; again, you will not encounter a lot problems while making changes on your website as you might’ve using other platforms.

The analysis and reporting modules are easy to understand and use, too, for administration purposes.

To Sum Up


Magento offers a wide range of benefits to online merchants which will help you leverage a lot of value from the platform. You can always hire a professional to help you out if you are having problems managing the platform.

The Magento platform has a better user experience than other platforms, which leads to greater adoption rates over the years and allows you to simultaneously improve the rankings of your website. Out-of-the-box, there are many built-in on-page SEO features which will help your website become more readable for search engines. Once your website is indexed by search engines, you can always hire a search marketing company to help improve the rankings for your Magento store, as needed.

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