5 reasons to implement marketing automation for your online store

Let me ask you something…If you knew how to save your time, money and to increase sales, would you share this secret with someone else? Just imagine, 10 years ago marketing automation was a commercial confidentiality. The well known commercial giants like Walmart, Amazon, and Costco had resources for large-scale investigations and developments to build empires based on this very secret.

Automation is no longer a secret, BUT not yet a normal state of things for the majority of business owners, unfortunately. If you have long ago discovered all wonders of the automation tools for your eCommerce store – that’s really cool. If you use the tools correctly – you must be enjoying fruitful results.

Nowadays you can find numerous automation tools for your marketing activities. One of the reasons to love automation for is that it can establish almost all your business processes. There might be so many things, which you have to manage manually…How many of such processes you have? How much time do you spend on such activities? How many people you need to hire in order to manage all those processes?

I can talk about automation for hours, but now we are going to focus on marketing automation. If you want me to tell about the automation of different business processes for your online store, just let me know.

Greeting letter for every new customer

What do you think of sending a greeting letter to every person, who subscribes to your newsfeed, registers or places an order for the first time? Showing gratitude is important because you have a high chance to increase the LTV of customers. They will see a good attitude and appreciation from your brand. The effect will be much stronger if you offer a discount for the next purchase or some other advantageous promo offer. In this case, the customer has more reasons to return. But the main thing is that you don’t need to send this letter all the time manually. You just need to write a proper letter, make it visually attractive, set up the automation and enjoy the result.

It’s vital not to forget about changing the content if you decide to use different promo offers. It would be great if you devote your time to analyzing the open rates and click rates of such letters. If the conversion is low, take time to test different subject lines and improve the content of the greeting letter. Here is how your automation will look like if you use Active Campaign:

greeting letter automation

“Come back” emails to remind the customer about your brand

Sometimes it happens that a customer leaves his email but forgets to buy something or decides to postpone the purchase…whatever. Remind him of your store and give a solid reason to visit it again. For example, inform the customers about new exclusive collections, limited offers. And don’t forget to tell that you miss them! Just joking.

How can you do this? Use triggers. For example, a certain client gets a “come back” email 25 days after the purchase. I strongly recommend to put yourself in the shoes of the potential customer every time you write another letter for him. Use an unobtrusive approach, try to excite his curiosity and to show the real advantage of making a purchase in your online store. Always remember: there are dozens of other people trying to grab the attention of your customer. Be the first and the best at doing this.

triggers for marketing automation

You can use some trigger and then connect it to the automated letter.

Use abandoned cart emails in your marketing automation

Did you know that 77% of shopping carts are abandoned across the web worldwide? And the number is growing each year. We have two options here: to ignore or to take advantage of this and increase the chance of maximizing the revenue for your eCommerce store.

What is important: not to lose the connection with the customer after he abandons his cart. Set the right trigger and remind about your store. You can also add a good discount to this offer and the info on your readiness to help if there are any problems with the purchase. After setting the automation, don’t forget to refresh the letters with relevant content. If you see that the conversion is low, change different elements inside the letters (the structure, the buttons, and call to action). Ask your friend or a colleague to read the letters and express his opinion about it.

Collect the information about your customers

Connect email marketing to your website to see what’s going on there. You will learn about the customer’s product interests and make your marketing more personalized. That’s exactly what the customer needs nowadays: your personal approach. Each time you find out something new about the customers, add appropriate tags and send the most relevant offers. Such strategy will increase the conversion, boost customer engagement and loyalty.

Loyalty programs is a must-have in a marketing automation of your online store

Loyal customer wants to feel your attention and appreciation. Remember the HAAC model of success? It’s already like a mantra which you should repeat to yourself again and again. What do you think of rewarding the customers after making a certain number of purchases? You may always remind about the gained points which can be easily used during the next shopping.

As there are always active and passive customers, it’s wise to have a specific strategy for passive fans of your brand. They need a push, some reminder and different reasons to continue shopping in your online store. If you want to know the exact reasons, you should analyze their behavioral data all the time and record this data in the marketing automation system. If you get used to doing this, you will have a mature technology of nurturing your customers.

Shortly about all of the above mentioned. Automation is one of the coolest marketing tools for your online store and it’s worthwhile to use all of its advantages. You will feel them at once after you familiarize yourself with the tool. But to know the tool itself is not enough, you understand what I mean, right? If you create a good strategy and start implementing it with unique, interesting content…this will be something amazing, I assure you. The number of your customers will grow as they can’t stay indifferent to a personalized approach, care and attention from your side.

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