Key Takeaways from WebSummit 2017

Last week Maven eCommerce team attended the largest tech conference in the world – WebSummit. This year the conference gathered more than 60 000 people from all over the globe. It was a great chance to align ourselves with the latest trends in tech and the web.

We spent some time between different stages to collect insights from industry giants, leading brands and different startups about innovation, design and marketing. So, let’s outline the most interesting topics.


AI is a King

Artificial Intelligence was the most popular topic during the conference days. It was being discussed on all the 26 WebSummit stages. One of the brightest pieces of evidence of its topicality was the chat between Sofia the Robot, the ghost of Albert Einstein and their creator David Hanson.

“We robots have no desire to destroy things, but we will take away your jobs and there will be a good things” – Sofia the Robot

The biggest surprise for the audience was Steve Hockings’s video speech. He admitted that the deeper and more attentive AI development can be very dangerous for humanity.


People is Our Main Value

Dustin Moskovitz – Asana Founder and Brian Halligan – CEO and Founder of HubSpot shared their thoughts about corporate culture and its importance in today’s tech world.

“Without people, you can not build a company and without company culture, you can not build a brand” – Brian Halligan

WebSummit organizers also paid attention to the mentoring program, which was prepared specifically for Women in Tech and was sponsored by this year. Ladies have an opportunity to meet in person with such opinion leaders in the digital universe as Blake Irving – CEO at GoDaddy, Diane Tryneski – CDO at HBO, Alexandra Mack – CMO at Crunchbase.


Tech Will Save The World

Today’s tech world has not only a desire but also a power to change the global humanity problems: climate change, lack of food and energy resources, water pollution and many others. Even the winner of Startup Pitch Battle became a company that produces mini-fridge containers for medicines.

And of course one of the most expected speeches was delivered by Al Gore, a former Vice-President of the US and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. He reasoned about the solutions people should stick to in order to save our planet from the ravages of climate change.

“Everything is at stake. But the right technology can help turn the fate of the planet around” – Al Gore

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