Key Takeaways from #CollisionConf 2017 by Maven team

We have just came back from the Collision and we were happy to become a part of the Fast Growing Tech Conference with the best networking and inspiring talks.

Collision Conference took place in New Orleans on the beginning of May and brought together more than 20K attendees from over 119 countries. For three days (from 2nd to 4th of May) all participants had a chance to communicate and meet industry leaders, the hottest startups, Hollywood superstars and even NASA astronaut, the first person to tweet from space.

Our team participated as an ALPHA Programme Startup and we were glad to present our unique eCommerce integration approach. The main benefit of Maven’s approach is the ability to integrate all the needed functionality without adding excess features and breaking internal business processes.

Have you missed Collision Conference this year? Don’t worry! We propose you a digital guidebook with top takeaways from a three days of innovation, inspiration, and education.

1.Transformative Innovation – AI and Machine Learning

Yes, Artificial Intelligence remains one of the most innovative trends for quite a long time now and it’s popularity will only grow, so expect to hear about it for another couple years for sure.

Collision AI

The main problem in nowadays AI-functioning technologies is that Artificial Intelligence is far away from the one we saw in movies. It isn’t a general intelligence, which can solve any problem and function as an object, but rather a narrow specialized soft that can be helpful in some specific tasks.

Collision AI2

Machine Learning

No doubt, that over the past 2 years our world has been transformed by machine learning. Today it is the hot topic for every company in Silicon Valley (especially deep learning).

Collision AI3

No matter what you do, you are going to be affected by machine learning significantly. The main reason of such trend is growth of companies that move towards automation, personalization, cognitive services and predictive analytics.

Collision deep learning

2.Future of Marketing

Digital transformation affects all parts of business ecosystem and marketing is not an exception. During the Collision Conference the top marketing influencers from the leading tech companies discussed how and what every company must change or adapt in their strategies.

Collision marketing

Of course, speakers don’t forget to share their insights about brand building possibilities for startups.

Collision pr

3. Women in Tech

It’s not a secret that the tech industry is dominated by men.The gender gap in STEM is huge – today only 18% of all computer science graduates in the U.S. are women. Collision Conference community have been always supporting #womenintech. This year more than 42 percent of the attendees came as part of the Women in Tech program and that’s why the last day of the event was focused on the gender gap problems.

Collision womenintech

“Feminism isn’t a dirty word, it actually means equality” by actresses and activists Sophia Bush and Alysia Reiner was one of the most hottest panel discussion about gender equality in tech industry.

Collision femaleleaders

What is next?

We are standing at the beginning of the next humanity and tech revolution. It slowly but surely sneaks into our lives and today’s world is changing faster than ever before.

Collision AI4


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