Magento One Step Checkout Extension. A great way to boost your sales

Unlike traditional business, the sales procedure takes more time to clarify information for the online store. Placing an order is the most responsible stage of online interaction with your customer. Without convenient order form and checkout process, E-commerce stores risk losing a plenty of buyers.

With Magento One Step Checkout Extension, it is possible to keep your customers away from abandoning the order. At the end of shopping procedure, clients often get tired of having endless “Continue” buttons popping up on the screen. This is a frequent cause of cart abandonment and purchase refusal. Your customers will forget about the annoying Continue button once and forever after choosing this Magento one step checkout. Avoid wasting time and losing customers – it’s time to install Magento Checkout Extension to get rid of the E-commerce abandoned cart nightmare! Configurable one step checkout eliminates any difficulties with checkout process once and forever. This extension aims to enforce checkout steps appear together on one page. As the result, a noticeable increase in sales follows. Below you can observe a list of the most outstanding attributes of this extension that attract most of its users.

Enhanced Customer Experience and Trust

Everybody likes prompt transactions, and nobody wants to waste their time. Your registered users will also be able to login on the checkout page. Other users may sign up on that same page. The extension allows following all usability trends; your online store will quickly adapt to user’s desire. The user-friendly checkout process is about paving a fast way for your customers from the Add to Cart to Place Order. The level of customer satisfaction also depends on how reliable your store looks. Do you want your customer and potential users to trust you more? The checkout process of your online store should become more clear and understandable to gain higher level of credibility. We all know that restless feeling when we wait for our money to be deducted from our account. Seeing all the results on a single page will eliminate any doubts.

Automatization for Higher Convenience

Some of the one step checkout extensions involve a special built-in feature called CMSMART. Inserting all the information manually is annoying and time-taking. CMSMART integrated Geo IP Technology makes it possible to detect and fill in customers’ data (country, city, state/province and zip code) automatically. By choosing one of these attributes, the system can auto-update for customers shipping method and rates. Automatic field up-dating option, available for one-step checkout, also adds up to better performance.

All further steps will be up-dated automatically. For instance, after choosing a preferred shipping method, a cost will be changed immediately. Concerning order fields, Magento Checkout Extension helps to keep them arranged properly for the swift transactions.

Fields Management

Magento Checkout allows placing fields in any order in a block. But it is better to test the changes not to damage conversion ratio. There is also a way to create required or optional fields. It is just important to have a balance between required and optional fields. Renaming the fields for turning them original is also a plus. You can have a separate field name for each shop view, which fits perfectly for multi-language websites. Adding or deleting fields to eliminate unwanted ones like fax or company. At last, the extension helps to adjust field size.

More Payment Methods Available

To ease the process, you can put default payment and shipping options. In case some customers have never shopped with you before, these methods will be auto-selected to save their time. For the convenience of your users, a wide variety of payment methods was included. Such systems as Paypal, Moneybookers, Check, Credit card, and more are now available. It gives the opportunity to sell via any store of any country.

Increased Speed: Taste One Page Checkout!

One of the most significant benefits of Magento One Page Checkout is that it takes care of your customers’ nerves by refusing a standard multi-page checkout in favor of a single page checkout. Using one-page checkout means reduced number of steps while accomplishing the transaction. And this is the way to speed up Magento site! This extension reduces the number of check-out steps to one without any risks of losing data. It allows buyers to shorten the process by completing any transaction in just one fast step. Your customers won’t get lost on the number of different pages.

To persuade you in the efficiency of this extension, here are the results of filling in the required fields for both carts as a customer (time to pull out a credit card is involved):

Default Magento Checkout = 1:40 One Page Checkout = 0:53

Compatible with All Smart Devices

Did you know that roughly 80% of smartphone owners wish to view mobile-optimized product information while they’re shopping in stores? It makes a good reason to choose the extension with high performance in all smart devices. Most of the one step checkout extensions are compatible with all types of smart devices. The rise of mobile phone traffic to online shops is great. It does not matter what kind of smart device is used: laptop, tablet, or mobile. Let your potential and loyal customers make their purchases on the go thanks to Magento One Step Checkout.

Simple and Fast Installation

And last but not least advantage is the installation process which is very simple. Due to the small changes in the default Magento structure, it causes minimum conflicts during this process and deployment stage. Why don’t you try this extension which installation requires a minimum of time and efforts? Note that this extension is fully compatible with any Magento website. One Step Checkout Extension will minimize the risks of order mistakes! There are a lot of other ways to boost online store’s performance like proper Magento robots.txt optimization which helps search engines to determine the pages of your site that can be indexed and publicly observed.


If you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned in this blog post or anything else related to Magento, please feel free to drop me a message via this form.

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