New kind of Customer. Mobile and always connected

Catering to the Mobile Customer

It’s 2015 and consumers are becoming savvier, better connected and more value conscious. While this profile is based on the Millenial mindset, we expect more and more customers to become just as demanding as the year progresses. Do you have what it takes to meet or exceed your customers’ expectations? Imagine your customer is Mike. The vast majority of his waking time he is glued to his iPhone. Mike is very opinionated, compulsively seeking reviews and sharing his opinion across multiple channels. He will let you and everyone online know what he thinks about his service experience in your store – whether it was good or bad. He doesn’t trust advertising while seeks authenticity and brands that stand for something, like a social or an environmental cause. He publicly admits to showrooming and expects a great service experience here and now. 2015 Customer Infographic 2015 Customer Infographic

Mobile Customer Takeaways

Mike looks like a tough cookie, but don’t despair! You can still get your demanding customers’ business and avoid the price race to the bottom by:
  • optimizing your online storefront for speed and intuitive UI on mobile browsers
  • implementing a CRM and a marketing automation solution for a more attentive customer service
  • showroom-proofing your products by bundling them with more convenient and time-saving value-added services
  • being proactive about seeking positive customer reviews
  • consider email marketing – especially focused on your brand’s causes and expertise areas
Good luck! And feel free to contact us if your Magento store needs a Millenial-proof update!

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