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What web design megatrends will shape the web in 2015? Most of them are, in fact, not new. The tools that have proven to be effective in 2014 will become more common in 2015. Without making wild guesses, let’s review what developments webmasters need to consider already to stay relevant.  


The Big Picture Web Design Trends for 2015 – and Beyond

While no one can predict the future of web design with accuracy, we can already see some emerging themes which do have some potential to gain prominence.
“The future will be determined in part by happenings that it is impossible to foresee; it will also be influenced by trends that are now existent and observable.” – Emily Greene Balch
With this in mind, we present some current observations that are almost certain to become reality in the near future.

1. Mobile Grows Up – And Mobile Users Won’t Use Slow Websites

Mobile users have been rapidly gaining share – to the point that mobile accounts for more than 50% of the overall traffic for some websites. For many, 2015 will require a serious rethink of the mobile experience, as the last excuses for ignoring smartphone users (often accessing your website over slow mobile Internet connections) will have disappeared.

2. Page Scrolling Replaces TV Channel Surfing

When users don’t find what they are looking for or when they are not entertained they get bored – and start scrolling. Parallax design and infinite scrolling allow to re-engage them and to focus their attention on the calls to action.

3. Flat Web Design Is Here To Stay

Love it or hate it, flat design sensibility (two-dimensional, clean, bright, well-spaced images, icons and pages) is here to stay. Not because web designers like it, but because it loads faster and is easier to create in large volumes. In the age of fast flat wins.

4. One Page Websites Are The New Apps

We all love apps, the single-purpose programs that do one thing only and do it well. One-page websites are the web’s answer to these walled environments, providing a landing page style experience that includes all the information the user needs for one specific purpose.

5. Scandinavian Minimalism Arrives to the Web

The success of Instagram proves that the minimal design and good quality photography are very much in demand – especially for the e-commerce! Pare down on add-ons and distractions that add little to no value (read: conversions) – and that alone will speed up your website load speed. Folks at Bowen Media compiled a concise infographic of these trends, with valuable details: top web trends of 2015 infographic 2015 Web Trends infographic by Bowen Media

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