How Page Loading Speed Affects Revenue. Infographics

How Website Loading Time Affects Revenue Infographic cover

If you are looking for a business case to help you justify speeding up your e-commerce website your search is over: folks at KissMetrics have compiled a good amount of data to back you up!

Speed is Key in Mobile Commerce

In the constant battle between more functionality vs. a faster page loading speed the first seems to have been winning so far, as websites have been growing by an average of 67% in just one year! The result of the explosion in feature numbers are heavier pages that take longer to load – with real (and bad) financial consequences.

Mobile Commerce Speed & Revenue Facts

Why should you care about making your e-commerce website faster? Simply because you might be losing customers and revenue! Consider these facts about web page loading speed:
  • loading time is a major contributing factor to page abandonment
  • mobile users expect comparable browsing experience as on desktops or laptops
  • biggest problem in mobile: 73% of mobile users found websites too slow
  • loading time is a major contributing factor to page abandonment
  • 79% of shoppers will not buy from slow websites
The above figures explain why mobile e-commerce so far has been off to a rocky start: stores are just not ready to provide a satisfactory mobile shopping experience! The infographic below not only offers near mobile shopper insights, but will allow you to calculate the ROI on website speed optimization: How Website Loading Time Affects Revenue How Website Loading Time Affects Revenue

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Vlad Solodovnyk

Vlad Solodovnyk


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