5 tips how to increase sales of e-store in 2020

2020 completely changed the approach to business management and adaptation to new market conditions. In order to further increase sales and profits, you have to be aware of the latest trends and be at arm’s length from your customers.


1. Grip the power of social influence

 As we said earlier, having social proof that potential customers can find out will increase conversion by 15%. Social influence starts with referrals from friends and ends with expert reviews. 95% of customers read reviews online before making a purchase. Therefore, retailers must take care of their availability.

  • Encourage buyers to leave reviews on the site
  • Encourage social media communities to discuss product and shopping experiences
  • Show “most popular products” or “best sellers” in the e-store
  • Share expert assessments for products

The sharing of social proof increases brand awareness and positive reputation. And this, in turn, directly affects the revenues growth.


2. Take advantage of FOMO 

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a psychological phenomenon when the user is “afraid” of missing the opportunity to purchase a product. It can be caused by the reduced price or the products are running out. As a sales business, you can use messages like these to increase sales:

  • “There are 4 units left for this product. Buy it now”.
  • “Price $ 19.99 for 2 hours only. Hurry up to buy”.

But be careful not to overuse this technique as it can irritate your customers. 

FOMO usually forces customers to make unexpected purchases. Learn more on methods online retailers use to encourage impulse-buying behavior.

3. Launch retargeting campaigns

It is one of the most successful marketing tools that is constantly increasing conversions. Such advertising is aimed at people who have already shown an interest in your store or product in one way or another. You can “catch up” with your customers through search networks or social networks.


4. Optimize your store for mobile users

If you haven’t already taken care of the mobile version of your site, now is the time. By 2021, shopping via mobile phones will be ahead of non-mobile commerce. So far, the statistics shows that customers more often search for goods from a mobile phone, while making purchases more often from desktops. This can be explained by the incorrect running of online stores on mobile devices. Inconvenient navigation, incorrect display of fields, this all contradicts the concept of “mobile-friendly”. Make sure that the users have the same shopping experience no matter from which device they decide to make a purchase.


5. Offer your customers an exceptional service

Last but not least. Take care of your customers and show them that they are needed and important:

  •  Launch Live Chat in your e-store to answer the most popular questions or provide free consultations.
  • Personalize all communications with customers by sending only relevant offers.
  • Provide 24/7 service for increasing trust for your store.
  • Provide instant responses to support calls.

Tips for increasing revenue are constantly improving or new ones are appearing. If you don’t know which of the tips to choose, an experienced eCommerce solution partner will always help you. You can find your partner in the list of Top eCommerce developers companies, provided by TopAgencies. Keep abreast of the latest trends and increase sales. 


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