Tons of traffic but no sales. What’s the catch?

Every online store owner sooner or later faces a dilemma: “I get from 40 to 80 visitors per day, but I can’t capture a sale” or “I have launched a new website, did some FB ads, got 2200 page likes, 1600 site views, but no sales”. A very sad situation that requires thorough analysis, especially if your e-store is not new.

Unfortunately, even the smallest detail can interrupt the process of interaction with the website. That’s why it’s worthwhile to pay attention to each tiny detail on the resource. We should make sure that the structure of your website is ideal and you haven’t missed anything.

Let’s get down to the investigation of this issue.

1. Check the page speed load

It’s good when the online store is being promoted through various channels. Promo campaigns increase brand awareness and when you see that the traffic grows it’s like icing on the cake. But the goal of a promo campaign is to convert the newcomers into loyal customers. This won’t happen if the page speed is higher than 3 seconds.

Make sure the hosting service you use is reliable. You can’t even imagine how many eCommerce websites face problems during high-traffic days (like on Black Fridays for example).

You can check the speed here. If you see the bottlenecks, we are ready to help you fix them. The stacks are too high. The technologies are improving, consequently, the customers’ demands are growing. They won’t tolerate low speed in the store. One spare second and you’ll lose them.

Additionally, check out how we’ve helped Fun & Function to improve their website performance.


2. Poor UX on desktop and mobile

The purpose of UX design is:

  • To make users experience pleasant emotions (the result is loyalty and trust to your online store if you don’t fail the customer service).
  • To help users find what they need quickly and easily
  • Show the user what he/she really wants
  • Find the products that fit their needs
  • To make users return if they don’t want to convert at the moment of their visit
  • Make the buying process as quick as possible
  • Help users pay quickly and easily

I’m sure you know quite well, that if you want to have serious profits in your eCommerce business, your number 1 GOAL is to know who your customers are and what they want. HOW to delight them, how to make them happy, and how to solve their problems.

Show that your online store can be trusted from the first glance.

I won’t start telling about different types of credibility because it’s deadly boring. We both don’t have time for that. So, let’s get straight to the point. What will make customers trust your online store:

  • Product Reviews
  • Trust badges (the variety of payment methods)
  • Press (if your store was featured on some authoritative resource)
  • Guarantees
  • Awards
  • Presence on social networks
  • High-quality design
  • An up-to-date blog
  • Easy navigation and absence of compulsory options on checkout

3. Cool and customized algorithms for category/product pages

Imagine I’m a new user in your store and I want to buy lipstick. What do I want to see:

  • Clear and readable product descriptions that show the value and advantages of the item (using bullets is an ideal option)
  • Reviews of customers who have tried this product (no matter positive or negative ones)
  • Good and interesting CTA’s that create a desire to click the button
  • Urgency elements that will make me buy here and now (limited number of items, for example)
  • An option of adding the item to the wishlist

4. Improve the Cart

Let’s take mobile users for example. Usually, it’s not quite convenient to make purchases through mobile devices and merchants spend thousands of dollars to define the quickest and easiest ways for making a purchase. It’s one of the most important steps in the shopping process. Optimize and test the changes. Here’s how you can considerably increase the conversion:

  • Allow to checkout as guest
  • Show the value of making a purchase on every checkout step (a 10% discount for example)
  • Allow changing the number of ordered items
  • If you want a user to register, give him a good reason to do that
  • Show the progress bar indicating the checkout steps

5. Ads and pop-ups

Reminding the visitor of a free subscription is a good thing. Showing the best offers increases the chance to convert a new visitor into a customer. But imagine the situation when you are being shown 3-5 pop-ups in 1 or 2 minutes. Irritates “a little bit”…do you agree?

Your presence (pop-ups) should be unobtrusive. Otherwise, the visitor gets distracted from making a purchase and there is a risk to lose a customer.

It’s not only about pop-ups. Excessive advertising has a very negative impact on conversion as well. If the customer decided to checkout, let him do this. No Ads.


6. Test and make changes

Sometimes it can be hard to find the weak points of the online store by yourself. In this case, you can ask someone else to check the store and to give an objective assessment.

And of course, qualified help is always here for you. Just ask.

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