Email Marketing in eCommerce: personalization wins the game

Email marketing is a surefire way to boost eCommerce revenue, as well as potential for big profit. Depending on the market saturation of the niche that the online store operates in, an eCommerce business owner can expect to at least double their income through the utilization of email marketing strategies.

If your eCommerce isn’t already integrated with an email marketing platform, you haven’t unlocked the full potential for great profits online. Email marketing is essentially a funnel for billions of internet users that are likely to buy from you. And it is my pleasure to share with you how to scale your eCommerce website. Let’s break it down.

What Exactly is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the core of virtually every business model online. It grows businesses exponentially and allows them to do things that have never been done before.

The main benefit of this incredible marketing strategy is that the business owner gets lifelong access to the customers 100% free and at any time. There are absolutely no restrictions on when or how you can engage with your email subscribers.

This also allows the business owner to follow up with buyers with no filter whatsoever for upselling – and all for free.

Let’s say we built an online outdoor gear eCommerce store and that we want to attract potential customers who are interested in camping, survival and outdoor excursions. After we obtain a potential customer’s email address through our appealing and valuable opt-in page, we must send emails that can influence the buying decision.

It is our duty to ensure we don’t send any “spam” or overly sales focused email campaigns that never get read and only get deleted. The goal is to get the receiver to want to open our emails. In other words, we must get them to trust us, like us and know who we are.

All we must do is simply send – let’s call the potential customer Eva – Eva valuable information relevant to outdoor activities. Throughout the week, and every other day, we can send Eva emails that contain how-to guides, tips and tricks that contribute to a better outdoor experience such as instructions on pitching a tent or even hunting.

As a result, Eva learns about us, likes us because we’ve provided a lot of value and trusts us because we contributed to her interests. Once this is established, we have succeeded in influencing Eva to buy directly from our online outdoor gear store.

With consistency, Eva will never consider leaving our email list because we are sending valuable emails instead of daily sales emails. With this email marketing strategy, once we acquire 2,000 emails then we should expect to profit from that amount. Five dollars of goods sold to 2,000 customers sums up to $10,000 in pure profit with this simple tactic.

Your First 2K Customers

With the advancement of software technology and billions of active monthly users, social media networks are the go-to for generating quality email leads. We now have to employ our social media marketing skills to obtain a solid email marketing list.

The most notable traffic sources are: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

During the initial stages of building a subscriber list, we can expect to spend about four dollars per lead while anticipating a full return when consumers purchase from the store. The more people that stay on our list, the more items will be bought and the higher our revenue grows. Of course, this greatly depends on our ad budget in addition to the average amount that customers spend in the store.

How to Use Ads

Facebook Integration

Facebook is the number one platform for the convenience of the user interface. Settings and website pixels target millions of users on a daily basis (with a minimum ad budget spent). The more people you reach, the more social proof your online brand has.

Pick a niche that you are passionate about. This passion will translate into customer loyalty and more referrals. Facebook has over two billion monthly active users.

YouTube Videos

YouTube currently has over 1.5 billion monthly active users. When you’re using your own channel, you have full control over targeting and advertisements. Creating videos that answer the what, why, and how of your store is a business necessity. Additional keywords promote to a wider range of audiences. The comments section can be used for reviews and testimonials, as well as a place for ad content.


This awesome platform, with about half a billion monthly active users, allows you to post with no boundaries. Discussions about your store attract more viewers. Posting about your online store with the proper hashtags and mentions lets you engage with others within the same industry.

Engagement rate exponentially increases once word about your online store gets around the online community. Strategies that involve partnerships and collaborations can often begin on Twitter.


Posting and creating forums daily increases the size of your email subscriber list. Writing content on Reddit increases the awareness of you as an influencer, as well as your online store. With nearly a billion monthly active users, you can be sure to grow your online presence by building a relationship with your followers.

Scaling to Five Figures a Month

The main system behind scaling an email marketing strategy for an eCommerce website is increasing online presence. It is often as simple as connecting with the top performers in your niche.

The start of an online brand’s success story is often by designing a unique sales proposal that will attract large audiences. Showing value and promoting to your customers why they need your merchandise should become a priority. Simply provide a simple solution to their needs while building buyer-seller relationships that not only result in increased traffic to your online store but also greatly encourages online discussions about your brand.

As mentioned earlier, email marketing is a 100% free internet tool that gives eCommerce businesses 24/7 access to their customers and the opportunity to add value to their niche. Find out more information here.

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