Tons of traffic but no sales. What’s the catch?

Every online store owner sooner or later faces a dilemma: “I get from 40 to 80 visitors per day, but I can’t capture a sale” or “I have launched a new website, did some FB ads, got 2200 page likes, 1600 site views, but no sales”. A very sad situation which requires thorough analysis, especially if your e-store is not new.

Unfortunately, even the smallest detail can interrupt the process of interaction with the website. That’s why it’s worthwhile to pay attention to each tiny detail on the resource. We should make sure that the structure of your website is ideal and you haven’t missed anything.

Let’s get down to the investigation of this issue.

Brand name

The first impression about your business starts here. Customers see the web store and start subconsciously analyzing the brand’s name, the logo, the colors and how all the elements work together. You can launch cool marketing campaigns on the net, but the journey of the customer ends there, on your platform. That’s why before focusing all your efforts on advertising, make sure the e-store won’t let you down.

Things to pay attention to:

  • The length of the brand’s name and its complexity. Can you memorize it easily and spell without difficulties? The brand’s name is vital in terms of marketing. If the consumer likes it and finds it extraordinary, he will spread a word, be sure.
  • Domain name. Don’t use long and complex domain names. If your brand’s name is short and simple, use it. Do not overload the domain with extra elements. You can always check the availability of a certain domain name.

Social factor

Many of us tend to forget and underestimate this aspect. And I keep repeating: reviews on the eCommerce store make a solid reason for the consumer to start shopping and to make purchases. Don’t forget to ask the customers to leave reviews about your online store. This functionality can be implemented in your web store. In this case, you are asking to write a review on the product page and rate the product accordingly.

Unique selling proposition

U.S.P is a thing which can leave the competitors behind. Have you asked yourself a question, why customers should choose your product or service among all other? What is special about it? Is it unique in this or that way? How can it solve their problems and make their lives better? Such things should be discovered in advance and used in your marketing campaigns. Everyone should know and remember your strong points.

The company’s logo shouldn’t necessarily reflect the main idea of the brand, as it’s sometimes hard to connect such things. But the brand’s name and the slogan is something you should take care of. It requires time and a great deal of creativity to generate a unique, interesting and contagious content, which will be at once noticed and spread by the consumers. In such a way, you will save on your marketing costs as a word of mouth is one of the top factors influencing your business.

P.S. – if you are planning a rebranding and you need inspiration for developing the logo’s concept, recollect global brands like Toyota. If you still don’t know how the famous emblem was created, you should definitely read about it. Designers spent 5 years in order to develop the emblem. It’s incredible. As you can see, the result exceeded all expectations.

The quality of content really matters

You should take a very critical look at such things as the length of product descriptions, the simplicity and readability of information, its authenticity and the emotional aspect of course. If there is a problem with such aspects, use 7 simple steps to write product descriptions that sell.

Avoid ambiguous phrases which do not carry useful info about the product. The description must show the advantages it brings to the customer.

Ads and pop-ups

Reminding the visitor of a free subscription is a good thing. Showing the best offers increases the chance to get a new customer and to pamper the most loyal ones. But imagine the situation when you are being shown 3-5 pop-ups in 1 or 2 minutes. Irritates “a little bit”…do you agree? We always want the customer to know about all of the advantages of using the web store. But your presence (pop-ups) should be unobtrusive. Otherwise, the visitor gets distracted from making a purchase and there is a risk to lose a customer.

It’s not only about pop-ups. Excessive advertising has a very negative impact on the conversion as well. If the customer decided to checkout, let him do this. No ads.

Test and make changes

Are you sure the visitors do not face any problems when shopping? If you have a good tester in your team, you have nothing to worry about. If it’s not like that, technical problems are among the top things which answer the question “why no sales?”. The speed of your store matters much and influences the conversion as well. Check it and if there is a problem, take measures to eliminate it. You should have a qualified tester to identify possible problems in your store. When the technical side of the store is being carefully controlled, you will have more time for developing a good strategy for your business.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the weak points of the online store by yourself. In this case, you can ask someone else to check the store and to give an objective assessment.

And of course, a qualified help is always here for you. Just ask.

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