Make a difference: 5 reasons to redesign your eCommerce store

Change is an essential part of our lives. The business sphere requires changes all the time. Sometimes they bring chaos into the smooth process of business management, but some changes always promise to generate profits. Redesigning your eCommerce store might be a quite challenging thing. It’s a large amount of work. Some startups are afraid to begin planning this even despite the fact that it will maximize the revenue.

If you plan to succeed in a highly competitive environment, redesigning your website is one of the best investments to drive potential customers and revenue.

Why is it really worthwhile to redesign your website?

Before I start enumerating the reasons for doing this, you should know that the process of redesign consists of several stages:

  • Pre-planning
  • Checklist composition
  • Budget formation
  • Task performance

So, here are some points which will help you to find out whether your website needs a redesign or not.


An outdated information

Practically every website contains advertising info. But if this info is not new it will hardly be attractive to the customers. The credibility of your website becomes lower when the visitor sees that certain information has been on your website for quite a long time. That’s why it’s a good idea to change the ads and the banners from time to time.


PR and marketing

Let’s imagine that you decided to change certain things around your brand: the company’s logo, some services. Or you just decided to change the brand colors partially. As a result, the website’s design and the strategy of brand’s development are not connected. The process of brand formation doesn’t look like that: today I decided to change the logo, tomorrow the colors, and in a week I will tell my customers that I have changed certain services, brand’s policies and so on.

When it comes to brand formation it always involves redesign. Everything starts with a brand book. When there is a full conception of the brand (at last), it is being reflected on your website. Now you can get down to developing a great marketing strategy. The strategy will strengthen your brand awareness and boost sales.


High quality is a must

If there is something wrong with the quality of images and other visuals on your website it may spoil everything: the general impression about your brand, for example. It kills a desire to buy a product because you can hardly see what you are buying and subconsciously there is no trust in the seller.

That’s why high-quality content is a must. When planning a redesign, it’s important to make sure that all visual materials (photos, graphical materials, even the smallest details) will be displayed in a decent way.

The cost of the redesign is much lower than developing an online store from scratch. If you noticed that the number of customers is considerably lower than before, it’s a sign that there is a problem and something should be changed.

Of course, you can always update the content on the eCommerce store and initiate marketing promotions. But the website is a №1 tool in your business and if you take care of it, the complex approach will be effective.


Drop in sales

In this case, it’s always a good idea to make a thorough analysis of your competitors’ resources. Maybe there is something you don’t yet have? It’s not about copying certain things. It’s about being attentive to the latest trends and your customer’s preferences. Some old methods no longer work but we still stick to them and rely on them, being afraid to refuse. But it’s so important to be flexible to changes and to implement them into certain business tools.

These points will help you to find out, what caused the problems with sales:

  • The number of sales and potential clients in your online store
  • Conversion rate
  • The number of abandoned goods in the cart
  • AOV (average order value)

Perform a technical audit in order to be 100% sure that the customer is not facing some obstacles when shopping.


Your competitors have already done that

This might be one of the strongest motivations…no? Not all of your competitors are so fast to implement the newest technologies and not all of them can quickly adapt to new trends and customer preferences. And the budget issue is not the main here. Certain things may seem silly to them or not cost-effective.


But one thing is certain: consumers adore new, exclusive, interesting things performed with taste. Shopping brings double pleasure when the customer sees an aesthetically attractive website with some interactive elements. He becomes involved in the process of shopping and he can’t refuse if things run quickly and smoothly. Those who understand this, wrap the websites in nice packages and prove that the filling (technical aspects and customer service) is also worthwhile trying. Don’t forget, your online store is your №1 and best sales manager, a key player in your marketing activities. Keep a watchful eye on it.

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