How To Survive In The Era of Amazon

Modern ecommerce world dictates new conditions to small and medium business owners. The habits and preferences of customers change practically each day and the question that arises then: how contemporary entrepreneurs will manage to adapt to a digitalized world and what is most important…Will they be able to have a way with their customers?

Generation Y is getting older and the buying power of the next generation is growing enormously fast. “Generation Z” – this is the main focus of the majority of companies nowadays.

In comparison with millenials, generation Z considers technologies an inseparable part of their lives. And it’s quite obvious why: they can’t remember themselves without the Internet. This new generation adores online shopping and this should be taken into account. An American jewelry online-retailer has managed to find the right key to this generation with the help of several things. His firm-specific Diamond Display technology allows his clients to view diamonds enlarged 40 times in HD. You can even check how the ring will look on your hand using your mobile telephone.

Moreover, if you have any doubts concerning the ring, you can talk to a jewelry specialist right on the website and he will give you all the necessary information. To think of, we are talking about simple things. But such things provide an unbelievable user experience. So, what should be done in order to clear the hurdle between you and your consumers and turn the problems into opportunities? (Number 4 may surprise you).

Grip the attention of your audience

Sounds quite obvious, isn’t it? As far as generation Z pays much less attention to advertising, it’s worthwhile to use a bright video to hit the target. That’s exactly the diamond case.The owner of the online store has filmed a video which was seen by 3 million viewers on Youtube only in two weeks. Just imagine how many people have visited his website since then.

Give your customer an opportunity to participate

It is highly recommended to use the latest digital technologies to create interactive marketing campaigns. The recent investigation has shown that 42% of generation Z buyers will eagerly play some online game (which is a part of your promo campaign). A famous jeweler gave a special task to his customers: to find special hints on his website in order to win the main prize – an engagement ring at the cost of 10 000$. What a motivation!

Make the process of online shopping MORE PERSONAL

That’s actually the KEY advice here. Personalization of the product is the main factor of success in relationships with your customers in todays digitalized ecosystem. The purchase of the product is not just a matter of meeting a demand for them, it’s a matter of self-expression. And if you give your customers the opportunity to create their own product on your website you will win an enormously happy and loyal client. You can strengthen your position if you give a personalized support to your clients as well.

Work fast with your customers

Create customer experience which will give you an instant feedback. Ask your client to become your subscriber and offer him a coupon for his next purchase. Be sure, such gestures are very much appreciated.

Choose a good platform for implementing your most cherished business ideas

Magento gives you an unprecedented control over the front-end and the backend of your website and you can customize it, starting with the appearance and continuing with the features it will have. No need to compromise, because any vision can be implemented on this platform. Large brands like Nestle, Samsung, Lenovo and million other small and medium business owners use Magento providing their customers with the best customer experience and empowering their product day by day.