5 Best Magento 2 B2B Extensions to Revamp Your eCommerce Store in 2018

Running a B2C web store may seem to be a no-brainer, especially after trying to expand your business reach to B2B customers. To succeed in B2B, get yourself ready for a tough, albeit beneficial challenge.

The market share of B2B eCommerce has significantly increased in recent years. According to Forrester’s predictions the profits gained by B2B eCommerce sector will surpass $1.1 trillion and account for 12.1% of all B2B sales in the US by 2020.

Since 57% of the buying process is accomplished before the actual purchase being made, B2B websites should become great sales instruments that foster online businesses. In other words, to stand out of the crowd of lookalike B2B online merchants, you need a helpful digital assistant to handle all the business activities, that is a cost-efficient and highly performative eCommerce platform. You can get more insights on how to build an actionable eCommerce platform in our recent article.

B2B eCommerce GMV rate

Here in this post we are going to spotlight digital solutions developed for Magento-based online shops. Magento 2 as an updated version has gone pretty far from its predecessor. However, out-of-the-box solutions may be not enough when it comes to optimizing your B2B eCommerce performance.

Implementing personalization and customer-centricity in eCommerce holds true not only for B2C retailers, but also (and being even more important) for B2B merchants. Such personalized strategy is quite new for B2B, with only 23% of B2B marketers claim to have a customer-centric organizational structure when compared to a channel-centric or product-centric approaches.

The following Magento 2 B2B extensions are geared for streamlining your overall business interactions with wholesale customers.

1. Multi User Account by CreativeMindsCMinds logo

Price: $199

This extension helps create a diversified Magento user account with a number of sub accounts. The option enables to provide your employees and departments with individual logins and different access permission levels within one parent user account. According to the role and functions an employee does for a company, he can be assigned only to view orders or customers, while another is granted permission to buy goods from vendors.

The other main functions are:

  • Cart approval by a main account owner
  • High data security and permission access control
  • Easy sub accounts management
  • Individual restriction rules for each sub account
  • Store tasks delegation
  • Multiple user roles
  • Intuitive account creation and modification.

CMinds example

2. Wholesale Fast Order by BSSCommerceBSS logo

Price: $119

BSSCommerce firstly developed Wholesale Fast Order to be used with Magento 1 based eCommerce platforms. Now this handy extension is available for Magento 2 owners. It is a very effective tool for B2B sales as it can save a great deal of customers’ time allowing them to make their wholesale purchases in the blink of an eye. A simplified and intuitive order form makes it easy and quick for customers to go through the shopping procedure without visiting every single product page.

Among the most essential features are:

  • Smart bulk orderprocess
  • Quick product items search
  • Simultaneous multiple product adding function
  • Autofill keyword function while typing
  • Separate customer group generation
  • CSV import option for simple products without custom options
  • Optimal performance with multiple product types.

BSS example

3. Price Per Customer by MageDelightDelight logo

Price: $199

Price Per Customer Magento 2 extension has got a competitive advantage when it comes to delivering personalized experience to your customers. It allows you to customize prices for each of your B2B e-shoppers regarding special partnership terms, loyalty and bulk order discounts, individual holiday offers, you name it.

Other useful capabilities include:

  • Custom prices for the same product
  • Special page to see individual prices set for each customer
  • Adjusting tier and fixed prices feature
  • Setting a single product discount for catalog per customer
  • Quick import and export process of personalized price lists

Delight example

4. Mass Product Actions by AmastyAmasty logo

Price: $189.00

This is one of the numerous useful Magento 2 solutions developed by Amasty. Mass Product Actions extension is made to streamline the process of managing your product catalog. You are free to change prices on the go, modify product attributes, edit product categories and fine-tune upsell and cross sell configurations with ease.

Amasty’s extension can be proud of the following:

  • Batch customization for prices
  • Smart attributes modification
  • Multiple product data deletion capability
  • Upsel, cross sell and relate product intuitive generation option
  • Product grid adjustment
  • Relevant product display feature
  • Customizable user interface

Amasty example

5. Procurement Management by BoostMyShopBMS logo

Price: €290.00

This extension is a redeveloped version of the popular ERP system by the same vendor that inherits the most essential features of its parent. You can easily orchestrate manifold stores and providers, track supply orders, generate and send personalized prices lists and effectively monitor the whole scope of your products to prevent out-of-stock issues.

This extension can enrich your eCommerce store with the following functionality:

  • Accounts generation, management and editing in one place
  • Specific product prices assignment for each customer
  • Setting different pricing terms for one and the same product
  • Smart order tracking feature
  • PDF files with individual price lists generation option
  • Quick check-in process for pending orders.

BMS example

Should you have any questions on how to get these extension installed on your eCommerce platform, do not hesitate to contact us right away and benefit from our cost-efficient and seamless integration solution.