Team Building With An Escape Room Challenge (Not Everyone Escaped)

Guess what, we have just stormed out of quest room shoutin’, yellin’, cursin’, bawlin’ with crazy laughter and cheers, and hands in the air, the rush stampeded off towards the exit. Man, this is, this is wonderful, I mean all this anticipatory buzz of excitement and stuff when you need to escape before you run out of time. You know what it’s all about, right?

Adaptability is a necessary quality so we decided to combine business with pleasure and take ouselves out of the same work environment just to have fun and loosen up.

It was really amazing and vitally necessary to participate in such enlightening activities. To have a taste of a challenge through these games, to test our collective skills, develop a  higher degree of mutuality of respect for each other’s expertise, and what’s more important learn to overcome obstacles together.

Escape Room Challenge 2
Team Building With An Escape Room Challenge1

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