How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Change the Way We Shop – Infographic

Virtual and Augmented reality are finally among us. While industry experts predict gaming and travel niches to benefit the most, they agree that VR/AR technologies will change the way we shop as well. Just like mobile devices revolutionized eCommerce (mCommerce accounts for more than 34% of all eCommerce transactions globally), VR and AR technologies will change eCommerce world we know in the nearest future. According to Digi-Capital, Augmented/Virtual Reality revenue will hit $120 billion by 2020 and 63 percent of customers expect virtual reality to change the way they shop (WalkerSands study). Taking these facts into consideration, we can expect the massive growth of VR/AR shopping industry. Today, only the biggest brands like Lego, BMW, and American Apparel can afford integrating Virtual and Augmented reality in their business but VR/AR may become “must-use” technologies by 2020 as it happened with mobile-friendly websites a few years ago. Some of the ways VR/AR can influence shopping experience:
  • Virtual stores give customers the ability to see and feel the actual product size and to interact with products. This brings a new level of shopping experience.
  • Virtual fitting rooms let visitors try on products without actually wearing them (for example clothes).
  • Augmented reality devices will give the opportunity to shop on the go
Check our infographic to learn more about the future of VR/AR shopping.

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