Key points to follow When Hiring Magento Developer

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Every business owner needs a vivid website to attract customers and generate revenues. E-commerce is developing with a speed of light, so corresponding platforms are required not to fall behind the trend. If you are searching for such a platform, we would recommend a market leader, Magento. It is a powerful platform regarding scalability, modules, extensions, customization, and other attractive features. Even if you select Magento Community for your start-up due to the desire to save money and build your site without advanced technical knowledge, you may still wish to improve your store in the future. No matter if you are using Community or Enterprise Edition, Magento experts are always there to offer best solutions. But choosing the best development company might be a tricky thing. So, are you looking for a perfect manual to hire professional Magento developer? The primary goal of hiring a Magento expert is saving your money and nerves while building an advanced online store. Magento certified developer, in his turn, should create a site that will stand out from all the competitors. Except for implementing necessary changes, these people have to take care of the site’s further management and quality evaluation. As you can see, this position requires a lot of skills and experience. Otherwise, you risk damaging your business. Make sure you consider the following stages.

Experience and Projects Done

Experience always goes hand in hand with the professional portfolio, so make sure you have seen one before making a decision to hire Magento developer. After reading a resume (if any), check the track record and the successful projects of your candidate(s). It is also crucial to have a look at the list of technical and professional skills, as well as the level of work done. If he is a true expert, he will be able to cope with any barriers and technical issues that occur during the development process. If you are hiring an individual, explore his personal portfolio; if you are interested in receiving the entire team, evaluate their company’s portfolio. It is useful to check the numbers, testimonials of previous clients, and examples of projects when making a final decision. But, this advice does not make any sense unless you master the next hint.

Be Well Aware of Magento

It is impossible to assess the knowledge of others unless you know the subject pretty good. We are not telling you to turn a professional. But it is important to obtain a high level of technical Magento understanding in order not to let others trick you. Perhaps, the reason for your store to perform poorly and bring small amounts of money and customers id your lack of experience and skills. When you know the subject, you can prepare a set of the relevant questions to test the knowledge of your candidates.

Personal Skills Also Matter

We have said a lot about professional and technical skills. However, to hire Magento developers, you need to make sure about secondary attributes and personal attitudes. For instance, their communication skills are of a great significance because they must speak to the clients in the most impressive way. Analyze how well your candidates describe the development process and explain own duties.

Educational Background

Many people ignore educational history today. Don’t ignore this fact as far as a linguist or doctor is not able to handle the job of a certified IT expert. In our case, it is highly recommended to hire Magento programmer who also has some additional certificates except for the major diploma. It’s especially great when he or she has a Magento certificate.

The Question of Price and Warranty

Get aware of the targeted development company price list before cooperating with it. Not only the price matters – assume the flexibility with which the team is going to provide the necessary changes to your Magento site. Discuss the prices for any additional services. An adequate prices as well as confidentiality are those two issues you must know ahead. Except for the total cost of the project, you need to know the money back policy and proposed payment modes. Make any decisions based on your forecasted budget. As for the second point, find out how much time the company has already spent on the market. Feel free to ask about its achievements and a persuasive proof. After all, it is critical to ensure of its guarantees and customer service. A professional E-commerce store does not have a right to stop working in the middle of the day, distracting potential customers. So, does your Magento certified developer offer a 24/7 available technical support?

Quality Level

When speaking about price, the next thing that comes to our mind is quality. Any successful Magento online store is focused on the quality of both content and goods it offers. Check if the development team you wish to choose has appropriate CMMi or ISO 9001 certifications. These documents are the best proof of the company’s competence: you will obtain only top Magento solutions within the shortest period. Hire Magento developers to maintain only cost-effective solutions and improve your return on investment!

SEO Approach

This issue also matters when you wish to hire Magento designer, programmer or developer. The team of your choice must be able to create an easily searched, well established and recognized website to raise your online presence. Various SEO techniques should be applied – evaluate their short-term efficiency first. A talented designer will develop a responsive Magento site with outstanding design so that you can get higher rankings even among mobile users. Grabbing desired visibility, traffic and conversion rates is possible when having a Magento developer by your side.


To name your deadlines, you should think of the time you plan your business to grow up. After evaluating the quality, share the time frames with your candidate and ask if he or she is able to meet these requirements. Only professional developers can cope with the large urgent projects. Prompt delivery is another success factor of your store. On the whole, quality and time heavily depends on the way communication channels are built among the development team and the site’s owner. By keeping in touch, you can always find the compromise. There are a lot of Magento development companies, so it’s up to you which one to choose, but do it carefully!

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