Add Magento Social Login Extension to Your Online Store Right Now or Suffer

A lot of customers hate time-taking, annoying registrations when they have to print in all personal information manually. It may even discourage them from continuing shopping. Social commerce is a widespread direct sale channel which can generate your revenues. It stands for branding equity, effective communications with customers, and social recommendations able to promote the sales. As Hubspot reports, 67% of B2C companies and 42% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through one of the social networks. You risk losing potential customers by ignoring the significance of social networks. That is why we advise to follow social commerce trends and install corresponding extensions.

Speed Up Registration and Log-In Process

Even if your product is original and useful, you might face user sign-up abandonment due to the customer’s lack of time and competitors who offers faster registration. Appropriate social login extension allows your users to apply their social account to your online store instantly. Integrating your online store with Magento open-source CMS makes it possible to choose between a range of free and paid extensions to facilitate implementation. Your visitors will be able to both register and log-in with their social accounts. It means that instead of printing e-mail, name, and memorizing the password, it will be enough to click on the “Connect with…” button. By speeding up the entire shopping process, you receive more loyal customers because of the improved user experience. Also, your conversion rates go up.


If you are hesitating how to speed up your Magento store, pay attention to this extension. It reduces the number of sign-up steps to the minimum by automatically fetching user profile from his or her preferred social network. In other words, after the customers are logged-in, their full profile information is automatically up-dated in their accounts section.

Combine with Traditional Sign-Up

Some users still prefer signing in with their e-mail or username. There are certain opportunities available only after signing in through e-mail. It makes no problem: Magento social login extension allows manual log-in as well. To do so, your customers simply have to fill in the requested log-in fields instead of connecting with their social account. Thus, this extension does not restrict log-in options.

Link Social Accounts

It does not matter whether your customers prefer Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, with Magento social login extension you will provide them with fast and convenient access. On the whole, there is a great choice of existing social accounts. Customers can even connect more than one social ID to the single account. As an owner, you get a broader range of data from various networks. To specify, this solution provides you with an access to the number of data points from users’ social profiles. It helps your development teams with evaluating and making truly well-informed decisions.

Mobile Responsiveness

Because of the growing M-commerce popularity, your users need better mobile experience. Many of them prefer shopping on the go by using their smartphone or tablet. So it is really inconvenient to fill in all the required fields manually. There is a way to allow your users sign-up or sign-in with just one click on the social account button! The icons, interface, and design of many Magento social login extensions is fully mobile responsive; it adopts your site for different screen sizes. It also supports iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile apps.

Manage Passwords

One of the most typical problem of the sign-in process is a lost password. Some users have rather complicated combinations to guarantee safety of personal information. On one hand, it is secure, but on another, it takes a plenty of time and nerves to input it. Often, users simply lose their passwords. Magento social login, however, easily utilizes forgotten password within the same social login pop-up. It also prevents your users from experiencing serious interruptions in the social login service. Do you still have any doubts concerning how popular social commerce is among online shoppers? Well, 73% of them prefer to log-in and continue shopping only on those websites that offer social login, rather than filling out large irritating forms. Magento social login extension provides a number of social login functions like faster checkout process, saving alternative addresses for shipping, view order history and more. So, this is an excellent module for not only attracting potential customers, but for tasting the benefits of social commerce.

Quick Installation Procedure

We have talked a lot about how your customers benefit from this module. Now, it is time to focus more on admin’s advantages. Every admin wants to know how to speed up Magento for more productive work and better results. Most of the Magento social login extensions offer fast installation process. It’s just as easy as ABC: simply set up your applications via Social Providers, add them to Magento social login settings and you are ready to attract new customers. Setting up some of these modules will take only a couple of minutes of your time.

Complete Customization

One more reason for most of the Social Login extensions to be among the most highly rated and appreciated in Magento Connect is its full customization. In some cases, social login logo will appear on your site immediately after the installation. You can change the position of this bar as you wish. Social login interface, icons, and the language fit any web design with customization option: personalize login windows for every social network with own logo, image, brand name, product or service description, and links.

Settings Configuration

In addition, as an admin, you can configure settings for social networks on the backend such as App ID, secret key, etc. The efficiency of Magento social login is proved by the fact that E-commerce owners have noticed registration rates increase by as much as 63% after enabling this extension. It meets best programming practices and user’s expectations.

To sum up, here is the list of Magento social login benefits:

  • Faster sign-up and sign-in.
  • A number of social accounts available to choose from.
  • Traditional sign-up and sign-in still possible.
  • Just one click on the button is enough to enter the site.
  • Automatic profile creation and data storage.
  • Compatible with any Magento site.

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