10 Reasons To Choose Magento Development for Your eCommerce Website

Why choose Magento?

Magento Ecommerce web development becomes more popular from day to day. It is hard to choose among all possible Ecommerce platforms. Top search engines suggest around 60 solutions. Perhaps, you have noticed that most of the market share belongs to several platforms. Magento, which occupies 26% of the market, is so appreciated due to its core and all-time expanding features, speed, responsiveness, and reliability. Since 2008, the demand for this platform grows with the speed of light. Many leading e-companies highly recommend this one to install. So why do online shopping websites trust Magento so much? We tried to collect the top benefits that motivate people to pick this particular solution.

Open Source = Absolutely Free

The majority of IT consultants place this advantage on the top. Any user can install Magento quickly by following simple instructions without advanced skills or extra help. It means that you do not only save your money, but a plenty of time and nerves. Modification and further usage are also free of charge. In case you possess substantial knowledge, there is a way to change the core code as you prefer and explore more features and functions after selecting corresponding extensions for Magento website. If you are running out of money, a lot of free extensions exist. But if you are looking for the unique solution, Magento professional developers are always ready to up-date your platform according to the latest trends. Flexibility and customization are those two features any Magento user receives for sure.

Improved SEO and Marketing

Launching a website for your store is only a half way to success. It will not become profitable without appropriate SEO optimization and marketing tools. Search engine optimization is a serious consideration in Magento. Every online store owner can benefit from such tools as specially developed search engine friendly URL’s, Google Site Map, built-in Google Analytics feature or newsletters, and more. Magento allows extending these features using third-party components. For instance, those can be the abandoned shopping cart follow-up emails. Discount codes and catalog promotion issues also attract a lot of new customers.

Splendid Customer Service and User Support

A user account is the first thing which may lead to numerous customer complaints. Magento helps to create and enrich a customer account with order history, wishlist, and more for efficient Ecommerce. Customers will enjoy such features as improved order tracking/confirmation e-mails, “Contact Us” forms, and live chat solutions provided by this platform. Customers also stay pleased thanks to the loyalty programs extension (rewards based discounts). Magento’s extension library offers a range of solutions to extend the available features to match any particular business requirements. Magento experienced developers make sure this software is highly robust and rich for its features.

Fully Scalable Solution

Magento goes hand in hand with your business. It adapts to any changes quickly without damaging the system. You can get prepared extension or hire Magento developers to scale effectively. If you have any doubts about how scalable Magento web development is, have a look at the world’s famous companies that experienced serious problems before trying this software. According to Fortune 500, the most successful examples of Magento as CMS usage are Nike, Harpers Bazar, Fiji Water, and Olympus. On the whole, 1/4 of all e-Commerce have chosen this particular software.

A Great Variety of Features

An impressive set of built-in Magento features enhance user experience and increase sales potential. The admin interface is extremely user-friendly. Anyone can manage the shop without any problems. Here is the list of the top useful features. Mind that everything mentioned below is customized through available configuration options instead of programming.
  • A range of product types (i.e. simple, configurable, or downloadable items).
  • The multi-tier pricing system for flexible pricing policies based on the audience.
  • Extensible product or service attributes.
  • Easy order management.
  • Convenient categorization.
  • Product up-sell and cross-sell options.
  • Valuable feedback and tagging.
  • Rule-based catalogue and shopping cart promotions. Creating and targeting promotional campaigns and special offers becomes easier.
  • Effective order and customer management. Admin sees all customer orders. It is possible to create, edit, and accomplish them immediately as per the customer requirement.
  • Tax rules, shipping, and multiple payment gateways. Magento users can pick different payment options. This is one of the built-in features.
  • Plugged-in interfaces for interactions with the top shipping companies (UPS/USPS/DHL/FedEx, etc.)
  • Shipping preferences: an opportunity to select free or paid, shipping to multiple locations, multiple shipments for the same order, etc.

Mobile Optimization

In terms of rapid mobile development, a successful online store has to be mobile-friendly enough to grab more customers. M-commerce requires particular built-in features to grow faster. According to credible sources, over 1.2 billion people are accessing the web using mobile devices today. The latest releases like Magento CE 1.9 and Magento EE 1.14 maintain responsive design by default.

Convenient Search

Search is the core of worthy E-commerce experience. The search feature of the Magento stands for the advanced technology that involves auto suggestions, spell check and faceted search. It results into the faster process of finding exactly what your customers are looking for without having to surf through long product listings.

Multi Stores and Language

With Magento Ecommerce web development, it is possible to launch multiple stores based on a single installation. It allows online stores to operate in different countries. The prices for products and services can be set in various currencies. Also due to it’s flexibility, you can adjust the whole shop(and each element in it) to any language you want. You can also easilly use multiple languages within a single or multiple shops.

Incredibly Modular Architecture

Broad customizations of both front-end (layouts and templates) and back-end (event, observer, rewrites, grids, etc.) are available thanks to Magento. Its themes and customization features enables implementing both the business goals and the web design needs without any adverse consequences to the entire system.

Professional Analysis and Reporting

A user automatically receives guaranteed reporting and analysis tools when choosing Magento. These instruments give valuable insights to determine bestsellers, most viewed products, search terms, the quantity of sold items per period, revenue, taxes and shipping costs. Search term analysis assists in finding the top demanded goods. Being integrated with Google Analytics and accurate sales reports will draw an overall picture of business performance. To sum up, Magento software is a very useful system for appropriate Ecommerce web development. If you are about launching a serious online business to gain maximum growth possibilities and income, you’d better think of investing in Magento.

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  1. There are numerous systems that have actually formed and positioned ecommerce. Among the lots of systems, Magento is the best. This article is well written to understand, why magento is important.

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