How redesign can breathe new life into Magento website

Has it been two, five or (gasp!) more years since you last redesigned your e-commerce site? Every day brands targeting both the mass market and the niche segments redesign or completely revamp their online commerce websites. When doing so, Magento often is the e-commerce platform of choice due to flexibility in design and marketing, a vast library of pre-built third-party integration modules, out-of-the-box focus on showcasing products, international website(s) support – and did we mention performance and scalability? Let’s take a look at four recently designed (and redesigned) sites and point out which features and functionality make them smarter, more beautiful and fun for customers to shop and explore.

1. Marvel Heroes: a Massively Scalable Online Store

Superheroes need to keep their superpowers – even online! This is why the Marvel Heroes Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game publisher Gazillion Entertainment chose Magento as a platform for managing conversions and purchases on an equally massive scale! Marvel Heroes use Magento Marvel Heroes: Massively Magento The platform is built to support the freemium revenue model by:
  • Integrating with custom modules like the CRM and email marketing
  • Providing a stable platform that can handle high peaks in traffic and ordering
  • Managing multiple languages, currencies and online customer service scenarios
For stores selling anything – even the virtual goods – Magento offers flexible scaling options that enable great customer service for millions of customers.

2. Heifer International: Saving the World One Donation at a Time

Surprisingly, the not-for-profit organizations – while offering a completely different notion of a “product” – are also a good fit with the user experience design and tools for marketing conversion offered by the Magento platform. Heifer International "Product" Catalog Sample screenshot Heifer International “Product” Catalog Sample Heifer, a global not-for-profit fighting poverty and other pressing issues, uses e-commerce functionality for fundraising via their Gift Catalog that offers donor options for solving specific issues, ranging from meeting the basic needs to supporting small-scale entrepreneurship and sustainable farming in the developing world. Magento shines when it comes to showcasing both Product and Product Categories, helping to solve Heifer’s challenge in visualizing their donors’ impact. Come to think of it, being an open source product itself, the free-to-use Magento Community Edition is a great mission fit and a good operational decision to support any non-profit organization’s fundraising efforts.

3. Lowepro: Magento Tools to Wow the Visual Storytellers

Customers often shape the user experience expectations, so the specialty retailers need to offer advice and expertise – all while delivering a stunning and immersive environment. The Magento platform is a perfect choice for providing any level of design complexity – and Lowepro has expertly taken advantage of the user experience features on their new website. Lowepro Magento store screenshot Lowepro: Visual Storytelling That Makes an Impact Lowepro uses a combination of the traditional drop-down menu that caters to the analytical customer, while showcasing blog, product category and individual product features on a modern grid (or mosaic) site structure (think: a more stylish Windows 10 interface). Magento helps to deliver scalable site performance using image loading optimization and looking great on all device types thanks to the use of responsive design.

4. Makita: What Your Construction Crew Wants from E-Commerce

Construction workers typically don’t have the time for longform product reviews, but they do need fast access to repair centers nearby that can also charge or replace power tool batteries and replace components of just the tool model they were just using. Makita Tools home page screenshot Makita Tools: Buy Local or Buy Online The B2B and dealer locator focused e-commerce website may look cluttered, but it does serve its client base by providing visuals and model numbers for equipment that might urgently need warranty repair, service or replacement parts – fast! Magento platform is versatile enough to serve country-specific website in user browser with relevant third-party integration services extending the website user experience customization further.

Extensive Magento Store Design Options

The Magento platform is gaining new brands and over time has expanded into selling almost any physical and virtual goods you can think of. Magento e-commerce shopping cart functionality can be (and is often) seamlessly redesigned and integrated with existing website content delivery networks and platforms. Stores on the Magento platform we reviewed all have different user interfaces, each serving their unique customer needs. If you can dream it, Magento is the platform that can deliver the store design that is unique and versatile.

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