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Customer Service Experience To Pay More For

Think all your customers are looking for is a discount? We argue the opposite: you might be better off raising your prices while offering a better service and more options that are relevant for the consumer, according to research summarized in the infographic below. You might be already applying some of these techniques, but if you are not consider that:

1. Most Customers would pay more for a better experience

Admittedly, the customer experience being highly subjective, how do you know exactly what makes it “better”? This is where staff training and motivation comes in handy – so it pays not to skimp on that component of the service! In the worlds of e-commerce, having trained reps on standby to help customers via an online chat or a direct phone call may also be a good way to both increase conversions and satisfaction.

2. When debating speed versus competence, choose competence

This seems obvious, but knowing that customers expect service to be both quick and effective, they prefer effective service to a fast one: even though customers are likely to recommend a faster service to an effective one, they get more satisfaction from your competence – not your speed. Transparency about payment, pricing, delivery time and return policies is expected, but alone will not guarantee success.

3. Customers want more help – and various types of it

Almost two-thirds of customers want to be able to call, email and/or have a live chat on your commerce website. FAQs, click-to-call, forums, how-to-videos and video chats with a rep are far less common. Mostly, customers want to have access to someone to talk to, which leads to:

4. Quite a few customers are convinced they are not being heard

Differentiate your business by creating an environment where your customer representatives are not rushed to end the call or to only close, close, close! If you find a way to strike a balance between sales and conversation you may earn the hard-to-find reputation.

5. The best source of new customers are your existing satisfied customers

Are you making it easy to share customer stories and to rate your business? Chances are you can use the reviews as a channel to both remedy bad service reviews and to gain new business much more effectively than with advertising.

6. There are many low-cost ways to say “Thank you”

We are all easily pleased when someone shows even the smallest token of appreciation. By being creative with the way you say “thank you” to your customers – between making free (and unexpected) shipping or product feature upgrades, sending sample products and Birthday greetings – you can easily and fairly cheaply increase not only the customers’ satisfaction, but the average purchase amount as well.

7. Your turn

What techniques are you using to attract and engage your customers? Are you striving to improve your customer service without breaking the bank? We hope the infographic below offers you new ideas to make your business more profitable while keeping your customers happy. Feel free to share your experience in the Comments section. Customer Service: The Forgotten Marketing Channel Via Salesforce

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