Online Commerce in 2015. Infographics

Somewhat predictably, the share of online shopping will continue to rise in 2015, with the online commerce taking another 1-3% bite of the offline retail sales. Regardless of the relatively slow overall economic growth, both in the United States and Europe e-commerce revenue is expected to grow by 10%. Americans are expected to take 10% of their entire shopping budget online this year.

Online Commerce Forecast for 2015

The growth of online shopping could be bigger still, but retailers are likely to remain slow in catering to smartphone and tablet customers. Customers are also increasingly less patient, so the role of the next day shipping (and, therefore, the importance of having fulfillment centers closer to the customers) will increase for all online commerce merchants. The losers will be clearly the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, who will experience a modest overall decline in sales. Some retailer will hurt more than others, as online shopping is still skewed towards repeat purchases and commodity-like products that do not have to be touched to assess quality or fit. Offline electronics retailers, bookstores, sporting goods stores and personal care product sellers will continue to suffer. The State of Ecommerce-in 2015 by ecommerce platforms The State of Ecommerce-in 2015 by ecommerce platforms

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