Wolfgang DIgital E-Commerce KPI Study

Wonder how your traffic, conversions and sales compare to the market averages? We found a great infographic created out of European research by the Wolfgang Digital Group based in Ireland. The infographic below breaks down online commerce into three categories: e-commerce, travel and retail (online versions of brick-and-mortar stores).

European E-Commerce KPI Findings

Beyond the relatively obvious data the infographic contains some interesting insights:
  • Average transaction values at e-commerce-only stores are actually 85% higher as compared to their brick-and-mortar peers (247 versus 148 Euros)
  • Google is the undisputed giant: it generates 50 times more e-commerce traffic than Facebook – and more that any other channels combined!
  • Mobile and Tablet shoppers are still commanding only 1/4 of sales
Whether the reason for higher translation values at e-commerce stores is due to higher thresholds to reach free shipping (500 Euros, in some cases, as compared to less than $100 in the United States) or lack of option to buy products offline is pure speculation, but one that can be tested. Mobile shopping also seems to be disappointing, but given the poor checkout experience at most stores, this is hardly a surprise. We hope this infographic will provide you with useful insights and help you sell better in 2015! E-Commerce KPI Infographic 2014 E-Commerce KPI Infographic 2014

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