How usual shopper behaves. Infographics

Ever wonder what the typical online shopper thinks about your online store?

The role of expectations is paramount and actual shopper behavior isn’t as predictable as would seem at first glance. Voucher Cloud has compiled a great summary of insights into online shopper behavior, confirming some of what we have been suspecting all along, while throwing in some surprises:
  • slow websites lose shoppers – forever
  • shoppers do judge the book by its cover: product images and videos sell
  • shoppers do read reviews of BOTH for your product and your business
  • hidden charges are reason #1 for shopping cart abandonement
  • shoppers want Back buttons during checkout
  • 55% of shoppers used coupons in 2014 (more expected in 2015)
  • low shipping cost trumps same day delivery

The Average Online Shopper Behavior Infographic

The infographic below explores what online shopper looks for when shopping online, revealing how shoppers actually act – as opposed to how we imagine them to. E-Commerce Consumer Psychology Infographic

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