Tap to Buy: How Shopping on MS Mode Mobile Site Version is Like Using Apps

Magento Does Mobile Commerce, Too

MS Mode’s extensive retail network in Europe and a thriving e-commerce website built on the Magento platform were great assets, but the need for an update materialized quickly with the mass usage of smartphones. Their mobile user base was expanding, but the existing desktop-optimized Magento e-commerce website was not ideal for this rapidly growing segment. Having shortlisted Magento experts with experience in developing stand-alone Mobile Commerce websites, the MS Mode team has selected the developers at MavenEcommerce to design and develop a fully functional mobile version. The goal was to recreate the same full-feature desktop experience from the existing content to create a fast mobile website with app-like interface for women who shop on-the-go – on any mobile device.

How is the Mobile Only Version Different?

The Mobile Commerce version offers the same feature set as the desktop website:
  • Localized language versions for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Luxembourg
  • User account management, with payment and shipping integration
  • “Shop the Look” gallery that allows shoppers to add curated sets of matching outfits to the shopping cart with one click
  • An interactive lookbook, with latest fashion collections with matching accessories
  • Shopping filters by category, colors and price
(Feel free to scroll the screenshots of the Home and a Product page below:)
msmode mobile e-Commerce
msmode mobile e-Commerce shop the look

Getting to a Faster Mobile Experience

The roll-out of a dedicated mobile-only commerce website also gave clues to the improvement of the desktop version. The MS Mode e-commerce Mobile version needed to be optimized for performance due to a large number of media content files. As part of project design audit, MavenEcommerce team identified that the vision of the MS Mode team required a conversion of the digital content from Flash to HTML format, and successfully performed the changeover. Small, but useful features, such as a Store Locator that easily links to Google Maps or other default GPS services to get physical store directions, offer an advantage over the desktop version.

About MS Mode

MS Mode is an international fashion retailer based in the Netherlands catering to European women who wear plus sizes. It is a fast growing company with over 2600 employees in more than 400 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France and Spain. MS Mode is subsidiary of the Excellent Retail Brands Group, also offering fashion via CoolCat brand aimed at young people aged 12 to 18 and kids from 6 to 12 years old, America Today with casual clothes for teens, and a Sapph lingerie brand for women.

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