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Selling online since 1999, Baby Park can’t be called a newbie to the world of e-commerce. Throughout the years, the Baby Park website has seen a number of changes, but towards the end of 2013 it has become evident that the rich functionality, originally developed on the not yet mobile-optimized, non-responsive Magento e-commerce platform, was a poor fit with customers accessing it from devices other than desktops and laptops.

Why Go With Responsive Design in E-Commerce?

Like many of MavenEcommerce’s clients, Baby Park had experienced a surge of mobile traffic to their flagship e-commerce website in 2013. Creating a separate, redacted version of the website with a separate code base and a its own mobile domain just for the Mobile users was contemplated, but in the end was not deemed practical by the Magento development team. So, the entire CMS was revamped and a single responsive e-commerce theme that already optimized for all devices and screen types was implemented. Partnering with MavenEcommerce allowed Baby Park to quickly and painlessly transition to the new platform without disruptions.

iOS, Android and Windows Phone Ready

Transitioning to a responsive e-commerce theme allowed Baby Pak to keep contact with customers who use different devices: Windows Phones, iOS, Android and BlackBerry users now shop on the same website, without the need for a separate Magento mobile template or separate mobile applications.

What Makes Responsive Design a Good Choice?

While a responsive redesign involves upfront costs, in the medium-term it is a more practical solution that requires less maintenance and overhead while providing a great customer experience. Some of the key advantages of upgrading to a fully responsive Magento theme are: 1) User-friendly navigation: the responsive website adjusts to all browsers and screens with any resolution 2) Responsive sites look great both on landscape and in portrait mode on iPhone, iPad and many other smartphones and tablets 3) No Magento features need to be removed or hidden: a responsive theme can include the full suite of Magento features and extensions 4) Faster performance on mobile devices 5) Same intuitive administration interface as with the non-responsive Magento CMS version

The Benefits of Responsive Design

Since Magento allows the use of out-of-the-box extensions, all e-commerce store data from various sources (including 3rd party) is now fully synchronized at all times, which would have been a challenge with a separate code base for the mobile website version. For example, our solution included numerous API endpoints that allow customers to easily manage their e-commerce data. Website architecture incorporating the responsive design features optimizes the user experience before user interface ever reaches users’ screens on any device type, including mobile and tablet.

About Baby Park

Baby Park is the largest store in Europe offering the widest selection of goods for children, babies and infants. With nine brick-and-mortar megastores, Baby Park a prominent player in its industry. Baby Park offers a wide range of strollers, highchairs, toys and furniture for nursery rooms, always in stock. Customer service inside megastores – and online – will answer any questions and offer solutions, whether customers are comparing features of a three- and a four-wheel stroller, or whether a specific car seat will fit well in their specific car.

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