Reliability: to keep promises – no excuses here!

This is one of the fundamental principles in our company. If you have promised to accomplish the task by tomorrow, keep your word and do this. If you know that it will be done not earlier than the day after tomorrow, do not tell that it will be done tomorrow. It’s simple. If the doc was promised to be sent in 1 hour, it gets done, because the principle is solid.

The rules are the same in our relationships with every client. Predictability and efficiency are highly valued in our company. That’s why we do not delay projects. If we agreed to have a meeting at 2pm, we will be ready 15 minutes earlier. If the estimation was promised to be sent on Friday, you will have it on Friday.

Transparency in everything

No matter which position in the company you’re occupying. We can discuss everything. No borders. The atmosphere of equality and openness unites much and everyone is aware of each member’s state of affairs. When someone gets in trouble, the whole team comes to the rescue. The measures on preventing the mistake and possible risks are quickly generated and implemented.

Transparency means honesty. That’s why you get the access to the JIRA time management system and track the progress our developers make on project. Our project managers are at your service to provide updates and explanations when needed.

Win-Win cooperation

Each member of our team is given an opportunity to upgrade his skills and to grow together with the company. That’s why our specialists complete certifications and extend their competences on a regular basis. No growth means no progress and flexibility on solving tasks. While hiring, we are focused on admiting top IT talents. That is why the results of our team work speaks for itself.

Every client is not just a source of having a project, but an important partner. We strive to build long-term cooperation on the background of common vicrories and significant benefits. The quality of our work is proved by the statistics of customer retention. 96% of our clients continue to cooperate with us.

Work hard – play hard

No matter how complicated the project is, no matter what difficulties our team faces, we always go with maximum efforts for reaching our project goals. For that kind of performance, we mix our hard day-to-day work with wide range of teambuilding activities: we actively go in for sports (football, volleyball, tennis), get together for playing board games,(mafia), gathering for crazy corporate events, which can be conducted in different cities and even abroad.

Our client gets a team who is not afraid of challenges. We strongly believe that any business idea can be implemented. “Why so confident?”, you may ask. Many years’ experience in what we do is a strong background for this. That’s why the future of your project is in good hands. The quality of a provided solution directly influences the reputation and performance of our client, what is critically important for us. So, no compromise when it comes to quality.