Veeqo Integration

Veeqo is an inventory management extension for Magento that lets you sync your Magento inventory and orders with eBay and Amazon in one place and to print labels in seconds.

Why Veeqo?

Veeqo allows Magento retailers to manage their inventory, purchase orders, accounts, shipping and profit reports across all of their sales channels, in one centralized place.

Their CEO Matt Warren was once a retailer like you, selling watches. He struggled to manage his stock across all of his channels and producing profit reports proved a real headache. Therefore, he sold his watch business and created Veeqo to make sellers’ lives easier.

Who Uses Veeqo?

Typically a small-medium business selling on several sales channels such as Magento website, along with marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. They may also have their own physical store. They tend to be ambitious and their brand is important to them. Veeqo allows them to effectively sell on more platforms, and to print shipping labels faster so they can spend more time on marketing and other activities to grow their business.

5 Benefits of Inventory Management

You may find that you sell an item on your Magento store, but then someone orders once simultaneously on your Amazon store. You only had one in stock and now you need to disappoint a customer. Veeqo updates your stock in real time, to avoid this.

Ensure that your popular items are never out of stock again. Set preset reorder levels against your best sellers which triggers a purchase order to your supplier.

Bulk printing your shipping labels using Veeqo can save you around 1 minute per order. No more logging in to each system, see everything in one clean dashboard.

With so many channels it can be difficult to see which item was intended for a particular customer. See everything clearly in one dashboard and speed up your shipping process in the meantime.

Veeqo have also released an inventory management app which allows you to scan barcodes in your warehouse with your camera phone. That way you can ensure all stock is updated in real time. You can also view all your stock levels whilst on the go.

Here’s how Veeqo helped out Jura Watches.

Veeqo offers a 14 day free trial, however for all Maven users they are offering a 30 day free trial, just use code RP1MVQR.

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