SellerCloud Integration

Retailers with low volume website traffic and direct sales smaller than desired often turn to better-trafficked marketplaces like:

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Overstock
  • Sears
  • NewEggMall
  • etc.

However, selling there requires managing additional databases with multiple SKUs, barcodes, product descriptions, customer feedback, inventory and shipping. Once you set up, making even minor product updates requires a lot of time and effort. Smart retailer know there is a better way to unify product and sales data flow for all sales channels in one place. Separate integration solutions with each marketplace is one option, but an easier one is by connecting a store with an all-in-one merchandise control center like Sellercloud.

Why Use SellerCloud?

If you want to spread the word about your product and make your products available to as many marketplaces as possible, SellerCloud will greatly simplify your product management with a single product catalog that allows:

  • unified product catalog for all marketplace accounts
  • multiple marketplaces managed from one location
  • single login to make account changes in all marketplaces
  • single email template repository for all customers
  • scheduled product listing posts to marketplaces

Imagine making a product update and having it automatically uploaded in the right places. This is the power of the SellerCloud product syndication solution.


How Does SellerCloud Work?

SellerCloud can be integrated with a Magento store via an API. Once and account with SellecCloud is created and the store is integrated, its efficiency and market reach greatly increase. All marketplace accounts are set up from the SellerCloud account and become available on chosen marketplaces. SellerCloud also provides Shipping functionality that allows to:

  • print custom shipping labels
  • add tracking info at site of origination
  • generate emails to send tracking info to customers
  • print invoices to include with shipments
  • apply signature confirmation or insurance to shipments

Starting with SellerCloud

SellerCloud offers three different plans with costs based on transactions fee, revenue sharing agreement or a flat fee. Actual costs depend on the store revenues and require a store audit and interview by a SellerCloud associate. Feel free to contact Maven to assess whether SellerCloud is right for you and to assist you with installation, implementation and setup.


SellerCloud Takeaways

Magento store owners seeking a centralized product catalog and syndication solution to the most popular marketplaces should consider SellerCloud to simplify the management for multiple marketplaces. This tool is worth considering by retailers with a large product catalog or multiple sales channels looking for an efficient product syndication solution.


Contact Maven to assist you with SellerCloud