OroCRM: Reset Installation

CRM systems conquered the eCommerce market (and not only eCommerce) with the speed of a lightning. Why did it happen? eCommerce owners realized that understanding customer’s behavior is the key to success of any business. That’s where CRM platforms came in. Being able to collect tons of data on website visitors, only few CRM systems actually offer in-depth analytics and give you the ability to use collected data to boost your sales.

That’s why we started exploring OroCRM and it turned out to be marvelous CRM (what we’ve been looking for a while). It’s free (Community edition), Open-Source, very flexible (what else could you expect from ex Magento CEO) and integrates with Magento (not only but we care about that).

Before experiencing all the benefits you have to install it first. The installation process is quite easy if you follow this guide. After completing the installation you are ready to play with your new toy. In case you screwed up the installation and broke your new toy – you need to run the installation process again.

For such a case we have a small tip for you to make re-installation process faster.

  1. Update your file app/config/parameters.yml, set installed: null.
  2. # This file is auto-generated during the composer install
        database_driver: pdo_mysql
        database_port: null
        database_name: oro_crm
        database_user: root
        database_password: null
        mailer_transport: smtp
        mailer_port: null
        mailer_encryption: null
        mailer_user: null
        mailer_password: null
        websocket_bind_port: 8080
        websocket_frontend_host: '*'
        websocket_frontend_port: 8080
        websocket_backend_host: '*'
        websocket_backend_port: 8080
        session_handler: session.handler.native_file
        locale: en
        secret: ThisTokenIsNotSoSecretChangeIt
        installed: null
        assets_version: e140ebc0
        assets_version_strategy: time_hash
  3. Remove app/cache/*
  4. Open an URL http://domain.com/yourpath/install.php and follow instruction.

Please, don’t forget to drop database tables on the second step.

OroCRM install step2

We hope this tip will save your time and nerves. As we continue getting familiar with OroCRM, we will provide more useful tips and tricks as well as our impression of working with this particular CRM.

First-Ever Oro Momentum

We’d also like to remind you that the first-ever Oro Momentum conference took place on April 10th, and you can find its short brief in this article.

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Andrii Korolov

Andrii Korolov


Andrii is the founder and Managing Director at MavenEcommerce. His 10+ years of experience in e-commerce software development includes working on various projects ranging from startups to Fortune500 companies. Andrii is currently an expert-level Magento developer with deep subject-matter knowledge in a wide range of technologies. Over the past five years, Andrii has been the lead Magento developer in several large scale eCommerce projects and eCommerce mobile optimization projects. Recently, Andrii’s passion for excellence has motivated him to create a technique for reverse-engineering of e-commerce websites that enables extreme performance optimization.