Maven Grants a New Scholarship: How AR will transform eCommerce

maven scholarship

Maven eCommerce is happy to prolong its scholarship program to encourage all the talented youth. We have prepared a promising possibility for you to contribute to your future career. If you are an energetic person having a strong motivation – you are more than welcomed to participate.

What is our challenge topic?

We dare you to participate in creating a top-notch project to be evaluated for its creativity and professionalism. This year’s topic is “How Augmented Reality Will Transform eCommerce in 10 Years?”, which is supposed to stipulate your activity on this matter.

What goals Maven pursues?

Since Maven has a vast experience on web development and eCommerce integration market , we are ready to gladly share our expertise with new would-be specialists.

“Our $1000 scholarship has been cut out for all young gifted enthusiasts who are striving for their future careers to get predetermined today. We embolden those who are passionate enough to contribute to web development as well as eCommerce marketing” said Andrey Korolov, CEO of MavenEcommerce

MavenEcommerce is steadfast at treating every participant on equal terms, only your creativity and proficiency will be evaluated. For all those interested in overcoming our challenges – please, visit our site to see the terms and register.

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Oleg Yemchuk

Oleg Yemchuk


Oleg Yemchuk is a SEO Manager at MavenEcommerce sharing office space with Magento business experts in NYC and software developers worldwide. Oleg is SEO expert by day, and geek by night. Favorite pastime: traveling in TARDIS.