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Finding the right IT staff for your business is a challenge? But not for us.

Hiring the right specialists has always been our top priority and our success is based largely on the competence and creative power of the people we hire. The vast experience of cooperation with web developers helps us identify the best specialists for any project you may be working on. Our process is suited to quickly search and identify the most knowledgeable and skillful candidates that you will be able to choose from.

Dedicated Nearshoring

Are you missing a flexible peel around your local core team?

Together with you we find and hire the candidates who fit your requirements in both soft and hard skills. The moment there is a match, your developer will work from one of our well-equipped offices. Your developer works on your tasks exclusively, while the administrative hassle is on us.

You benefit from our knowledge base as your new staff has access to the expertise of our rock star software developers of Maven to help accelerate and preform even better.

Search and Selection

When your local IT specialists are not the right match, we help you hire from Ukraine.

When you have trouble finding the right developer on your market but nearshoring your capacity is a bridge too far for you, and you prefer a candidate to work in your local core team. That is where our Search and Selection service comes in handy!

We pick the right developers with unique sets of skills from the Eastern European IT market and our clients just need to point at the preferred candidates.