Magento Optimization

To be successful your business needs a website optimized from the SEO and technical perspectives.The key success factor here is hiring the right agency to build your website right and ensure smooth and speedy website with high conversion rate.

Our team of developers and SEO specialists is ready to fully optimize your website to correspond to the latest requirements of technical and SEO optimization. .

Technical Optimization

Magento is a very feature-rich platform. But its rich functionality comes at a price: it is too heavy and without proper optimization, loading speed can get exceedingly low. Multiple surveys prove that customers leave websites that cannot load within 2 seconds.

To fix the speed issues and provide great user experience as well as avoid losing customers, both your server and your code require an optimization specialist to be improved. Along with excessive knowledge of server environment configuration, our developers have enough experience in Magento core architecture and performance optimization to turn your website into a precise and powerful business mechanism.

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SEO Optimization

Magento is an extremely SEO-friendly platform, but most website owners don’t know how to use its features to their advantage. This is where the experience and knowledge of Maven SEO specialists will make the difference and boost your traffic and conversion rates by professionally using built-in Magento SEO features.

We use only White-Hat techniques which are allowed by all major Search Engines. This means that our SEO service brings the results that will last for years.

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Seo Audit

If Search Engines ignore your website, you need professional help as well. Let us uncover all possible issues blocking your website from higher search engine rankings.

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Technical Audit

Not satisfied with general website performance? Order in-depth technical audit and we’ll show you the way to improve your Magento website.

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