Mobile Web Development

Responsive and Mobile Websites That Generate High-Quality Leads

Mobile has become the fastest growing Web access channel in history. These days people are using their mobile phones to read news, watch videos, listen to music, play games, use tools, do research, look for information, do the shopping, compare products before buying, find local businesses, communicate, share and much more. If you want your website to prosper you need to have mobile presence and be accessible to your audience anytime, anywhere.

  • Responsive Design

    With responsive design one website can adapt to any screen size of the device displaying it. This option is the best option among mobile design solutions, as it provides greater functionality and better for your SEO. Responsive design ensures great user experience and helps you generate leads from the huge and ever-growing number of mobile device users.

  • Mobile Website

    As opposed to Responsive design, mobile website is a less expensive option and means that a customized version of the website is used to fit smartphone or tablet screens, to display web store content better and ensure great user experience on mobile devices. With 30 mobile websites behind or belt, we are ready to get our skills and experience challenged and we look forward to creating more of such websites.

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What We Bring To the Table:

  • Skills & Experience

    Although mobile web development is new, Maven has been building such websites for years. Our in-house team of developers, designers and copywriters has an extensive experience in developing mobile-friendly websites.

  • Attention & Expediency

    We listen to our clients and know how to identify target audience. Therefore, we are able to comply with client’s business needs including the ability to deliver the website on time and work within budgets.

  • Transparency

    We are honest and transparent with our clients. You get access to our JIRA time management system and can track the development progress.