Increase Engagement with Interactive Product Features


How to increase customer engagement?

As online business owners know, the ecommerce space is becoming increasingly competitive, as more and more customers are turning to the convenience and product choice that are the main advantages of online shopping. As mobile devices proliferate, many increasingly shop on smartphones or tablets. This leads to an arms race among e-tailers who are forced to constantly come up with new ways to attract and retain consumers. A recent article in the CIO Magazine forecasted several ecommerce developments for 2015, namely:
  • Immersive product presentations
  • Mobile shopping
  • Social network profile logins
  • Customized website experiences
  • Rise of Geotargeting
  • Faster shipping
  • More international sales
  • Rising customer expectations of B2B commerce
  • Fighting cart abandonment with discounts

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Vlad Solodovnyk

Vlad Solodovnyk


Vlad, who is sometimes also referred to as "Vlad Solo" (not to be confused with Han Solo) is a content manager at MavenEcommerce sharing office space with Magento business experts in NYC and software developers worldwide. Vlad has lived in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Arizona, San Francisco and the New York City.